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love me some crime.

Tag was created by MarisaReadsALot!

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1. What is your favorite murder mystery/mystery novel?
2. Who would be your victim
3. What world would your crime happen in?
4. Who would be your lead detective on the case?
5. Who would be be your detectives sidekick?
6. Who would be your culprit?

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Angie's Epic Reads says:

I LOVE The Westing Game. Read it every year. One of my all time favorites. Great video!

Jessica Bolton says:

I not murder mystery fan but this tag sounds fun.

emmmabooks says:

ah this tag is so cool!!!
i definitely need to read more murder mysteries, i love them!

Bettie Turner says:

Two words.

Sherlock. Holmes.


ohitsmandi says:

This is a super fun tag! I love me some crime as well. 

Wish Fulfillment says:

I got The Westing Game from the library this month. I was going to put it down but I think you just encouraged me to keep going through it. 🙂

lizlovesliterature says:

Murderrrrrrrrr ~dramatic music~

RamblingReads says:

Thanks for tagging me!!!!!

Lauren TheBookNerd says:

Great video! 😀 Cool tag!!

MarisaReadsALot says:

Thanks for doing the tag! 🙂 It was great!!! 🙂

tarabyt3 says:

Hah! That's a great murder mystery. XD

aseagreen says:

Aw man, this looks like a really fun tag 😀 I have yet to pick up the bone season, though I've heard a lot of good things about it.

Coincidentally I just finished Siege and Storm last night- I wasn't too fond of Mal at some parts of the book lol xD

steakuccino says:

What a cool tag. I have been dying to read a good murder mystery that really leaves you guessing until the end. I am always a little disappointed when I can figure it out.
Oh, The Westing Game. My fifth grade teacher read that one aloud to us in class. I loved it. Mysteries are excellent reading aloud material, especially when you can only read a chapter or two at a time.

Natalie C. says:

Have you read any Agatha Christies? She writes the most amazing murder mysteries. You've probably heard of Murder on the Orient Express, but my favourite ones are "Death on the Nile" and "And Then There Were None" which are both absolutely amazing. You need Hercule Poirot in your life if you like crime novels.

Paris Wright says:

first view, comment and like!!! love your videos btw!

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