The Lightning Thief Musical An Ideal Book Adaptation? || Diving Deep Pt 2

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Is The Lightning Thief Musical an ideal book adaptation?
After the disaster that was the Lightning Thief Movie, I was cautious going into the musical. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by how amazing and accurate the musical was. I also had the fantastic opportunity to interview some of the cast of the Lightning Thief Musical about the show. I also found the statistics of the musical based on the cast album and my memory, similar to the movie video. Thanks for watching!

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JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l says:

Φ gr8 interview. real fun stuff (=

susie j says:

Also I love that in the bonus songs there are even more reference

Bohdana Panchyshyn says:

also, Percy saying that if he would sing then he might cause an avalanche, that line was in the Battle of the Labyrinth (I reread it recently). But, Athena can't have celiac disease so swearing off bread, is a fad, so not a smart move (I read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre for a class once. It's just bad methodology. Athena would have been careful of instead of doing something superficial, and even Annabeth would have known not to trust something simply because it's popular).

ADonutLegend says:

I love that you are breaking down all the ways the movie failed…. I mean not like it wasn't obvious to the audience 😂

Mystical Reader says:

Awesome video!

young_nhopeless says:

The only things I HATE of the musical are:
1) they talk about grover being a child of pan and a half blood and he is not
2) in the camp fire song Silena talks about her mom stealing her dates and things like that as if the met and lived togheter.

l says:

I was lucky enough to have seen the musical, it was so good. I wish that they would release a live recording, that would be so cool.

Also, great interview / video!

Hafiza Waja says:

I like how you (unlike the movie) actually read the book

Niko says:

i hate being one of the few people who read PJO around 15-16 bc of family (my family was very Catholic so stuff like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson were frowned unpon) 😔

Zephan Mayeda says:

1:04 she is so right I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books and seven years because I’ve been reading the other series by Rick Riordan but there are times when I’m just like oh yeah when they say something in a song.

Manuela Gonçalves says:

The movies made me lose a lot of interest in percy jackson, like really
But then i gave the musical a shot and i'm literally begging my mom to buy me the books now lmao. Pretty good video btw, keep up 🙂

Magical Molly says:

love this video and i am SO hype to see this with you on broadway in november!

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