The Last Thing He Wanted by Joan Didion (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of The Last Thing He Wanted by Joan Didion.

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brdoffire says:

I am here after the Netflix movie! Came out of it confused!!

Daniel Ichim says:

Probably The Steve Banon story.

unclealand says:

Thanks, I was worried you were going to give away the shocking ending.  You're good.  And as Joan Didion might put it:  One suggestion.  For what it's worth.  Talk slower.  As it were.

StephanieSpines andTim says:

Your reviews are such gems! Joan DIdion's name is constantly on my radar but I have yet to pick up any of her work. Thanks for the advice on where to start! -S says:

Excellent review, as always. Very concise and structured. I have not yet read any JD.

literarydiversions says:

I have nothing intelligent at all to say to this except: I love visiting your channel because it always, always gives me books I've never heard of, or haven't heard much of.

noodlebamboo says:

I've only read Magical Thinking so far, and I liked the writing a lot. So I'd like to read some of her fiction as well, especially if the writing style is similar.

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