The Invisible Guest aka Contratiempo (2016) Spanish Crime, Mystery, Thriller Movie Review In Hindi

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Dekhiye review Spanish Crime, Mystery, Thriller Movie The Invisible Guest aka Contratiempo (2016) ka aur comments me apne views dena naa bhule. Dhanyavaad.

Release Date : 6 January 2017 (Spain)

Directed By : Oriol Paulo

Plot : A young businessman wakes up in a locked hotel room next to the body of his dead lover. He hires a prestigious lawyer to defend him, and over the course of one night, they work together to find out what happened.

Cast :

Mario Casas as Adrián Doria
Ana Wagener as Virginia Goodman
Jose Coronado as Tomás Garrido (as José Coronado)
Bárbara Lennie as Laura Vidal
Francesc Orella as Félix Leiva
Paco Tous as Conductor
David Selvas as Bruno
Iñigo Gastesi as Daniel Garrido
San Yélamos as Sonia
Manel Dueso as Inspector Milán
Blanca Martínez as Virginia Goodman Real
Pere Brasó as Agente 1
Jordi Brunet as Agente 3
Bobby Gonzalez as Agente 4 (as Robert Gonzalez)
Martina Hurtado as Alex
Ruth Llopis as Eva
Jordi Llordella as Segurata Sala de Fiestas (as Jordi Llordera)
Annick Weerts as Recepcionista Hotel
Laia Alberch as Pareja Joven Hotel Chica
Cristian Valencia as Pareja Joven Hotel Chico
Betsy Túrnez as Limpiadora
Sandra Golpe as Locurota 1 TV
Susana Molina as Presentadora (On / Off)
Helena Resano as Locutora 2 TV (On / Off)

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Manish Neb says:

The invisible guest movie is excellent

Shivkunal Kasture says:

Khup chan review ,very good


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Tim Basu says:

Any thoughts about money Heist ?

Arpit Sharma says:

Badla SRK Film next year 💓💓

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

Prank you👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

vikas moury says:

I saw this with English subtitle

vikas moury says:

great review thanks bro

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

please please hamari comments parh lijiye

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

hollywood movie ke trailer English mein khol do movie ki

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

hamari comment parh lo

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

adventure ke muh bhi batayen

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

kya aap movie dekhte hai Netflix mein

Sairaj melawane 6062 says:

zara English mein advencher Mobi hum ko bataun toptain

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