The Giver – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Giver, starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Taylor Swift. Directed by Phillip Noyce.


Internet Troll says:

The Giver = how "great" communism in a nutshell ?

Andrew Dean says:

councils of anything that demand murder from armchairs are corny cartoon villains to me

Devin Harbert says:

Review Blown Away

Cool Cat Studios says:

Holy shit, why did Stuckmann originally talk so fast

Robby Claire says:

I had to watch and read the giver in Mrs whaleys class

I AM says:

Here from the future in 2020 to compare Chris now & then. Voice different, beard, & weight. Same reviewer style. 😁

andrew delaittre says:

I first read this book when I was about ten/eleven, way too young to understand it at the time. Recently reread it, holy shit this book gets pretty fucked up. The war scene with the dying soldier, seeing the Dad with the twin babies, learning about the Giver's daughter and out of all of the crazy scenes the one that really still gets me is the ending.

Holy Shit, Lois Lowry, you created such an underrated gem.

Deus Ex says:

Oh, ThEy DoNt HaVe EmOtIoN.

That's the point jackass

star wars hour says:

The first half to me went by so dame fast that in the first 5 minutes they where already on chapter 8-10

Wet Rag says:

It started the story way to late I wish it started when the book did

Zypher Zolei says:

1:19 ???? Thats the point! lol i never understand thses reviews. They arnt suppose to have emotions.

Enigmatic being says:

Obidiah stane becomes a teacher for robin

Stephanie Renee says:

Umm did you not read the book????

Taylor says:

the characters are meant to be dull, its a world devoid of all human emotions, aside from those he shared with his friends

ajmittendorf says:

I read the book. Hated it with a passion. I found the conclusion to be a major disappointment, anticlimactic and too convenient with no foreshadowing. Lousy story, the movie could not have been any better even with Jeff Bridges.

Samar Saeed says:

The movie sucked ass!

Carol Johns says:

In many ways, this movie is quite perfect. It is faithful to the book and explores the same themes. I feel as if stating the movie is boring in the beginning is like critiquing the book 1984 for being depressing. The topic and issue have certain dynamics inherent to the problem. It is excellent not as a blockbuster or pure entertainment but as a clear delineation and showcase of a truly dystopian world in which free will is a forgotten concept.

Nzp250 says:

True some of the movie parts were stupid, it was like watching people know exactly what to say. There was no realistic conversation and that’s what killed me the most

Ethan Mikels says:

So unfaithful

Big Tasty says:

I think the film is garbage

Kaelyn Papa says:

From what i understood in the book in the ending, Jonas actually died? Due to exhaustion and starvation and started hallucinating idk thats my interpretation

Bubba the Self says:

The book makes sense. The fact that this was ever made into a movie (Disney/Hollywood hormonal formula style) makes absolutely no sense.

Freshavacado says:

I watched this in class and it made me so angry it’s so horrible omg

Lucky K. Antonopoulos says:

The dullness of characters and lack of emotion are what made this movie so great. It was realistic and truthful. From the beginning I was interested and saw the tiny differences in the main characters. It's a great depiction of what it really would have been like and that is what I loved.

I also didn't even notice the biblical references etc. I thought the apple was just a nice touch to see red and so on. No subliminal messaging… just over analyzing that isn't necessary.

Nate DS says:

To be fair most of the symbolism had to be carried over from the book.

Mr Click clack says:

Ending of book and movie are rushed

GirgDoesNothing says:

Color me stupid but I recall seeing 0 biblical-secific messages in the film. MAYBE the apple thing but barely and only after you brought it up. Also I'm pretty sure you're supposed to find your own disinterestedness in the characters interesting, not the characters directly. If you can't do that I blame you as opposed to the film.

Luis Peres Illustrator says:

Loved the movie but the biblical references totally passed me by. Maybe because I dont live in a bible-belt-evangelical oriented country at all. also didnt think the characters were dull at all. Theres a bluray edition in germany which i bought which also has amazing extras. Apparently the book author loved the movie.

NoxDeadly says:

This movie and book is TRASH, shitty story-telling with many illogical events, save your time, the movie literally just cuts off without a conclusion, honestly cant believe how much this shitty story was talked up

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