The Frankenstein Theory (2013) movie review horror science fiction

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My review for The Frankenstein Theory 2013.
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sorcerykid says:

I was remarkably impressed with this movie. I would personally rank it amongst my top five found-footage films, alongside The Blair Witch Project, V/H/S, Grave Encounters, and Devil's Pass. I particularly loved the random interjection of quirky humour and the personality flaws — something which seems to be a rarity in this genre these days. It boosted the suspension of disbelief and the gave the movie some added smarts. I also think the unusual choice of location was sufficiently compelling given the story's mythological basis (much like Devil's Pass and The Blair Witch Project). Although, the movie didn't really pick up pace until the end, I enjoyed the character development. It added to the documentary's credibility and curiosity, rather than the typical detachment that I often experience with these types of films.

Yuzuru A says:

"Dude, let´s do a big foot movie?"
"wow, but what if, instead of big foot, it was frankenstein?"

Elias Moreno says:

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ChickenTendersAreOk says:

Frankensteins bride?!? Spoiler!!!! = The girl got her head smashed in the wall to be knocked out and was kidnapped to be his wife I'm guessing

bkaa18 says:

I liked this movie as well and like you felt a bit cheated at the end. I agree some kind of sequel would be nice because I'm curious as hell about what happened to the girl.

gnatflatt says:


James Knox says:

Hey Man I really liked it …I do agree with You they don't show enough of dear old Franky lol

cauwel3 says:

None taken I don't know what he looks like.

Connor Kujawinski says:

No Efence But You Look Like Aron Off Of Ghost Adventures!

cauwel3 says:

So it's about the same quality as the Lost Coast tapes?? I was going to watch that one, it's about big foot right?

cauwel3 says:

Awesome I love when that happens. Finding that gem

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