The Epic of Gilgamesh (Complete Audiobook, Unabridged)

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A full recitation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, transcribed approximately 2100 BCE.


Full text:

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maria chavez says:

Basically this is the inspiration of Tarzan and the Movie I love you Man

JOE's vanlife says:

Is this Sargon?! Didn't know I was still subbed to him through this channel. This is better than his other shit.

Ryan Murphy says:

I stumbled upon this when I heard the voice I stayed

Sketch Therapy says:

This sounds like the voice of Sargon of Akkad. I should be so lucky lol.

Black Veggie says:

42:46 chapter 3

Quarantine Gaming says:

Chapter 1 sounds a lot like the story of Samson and Dinah from the Bible lol

Fred Zeppelin says:

Oi is this Sargon of Akkad?

Swole Jeezy says:

Holy shit is this Carl Benjamin

SuggaGugga says:

ok this is epic


!&m King YAHSHU& HaMashiach the real Creator, by the teaching service of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' (Holy Spirit) and in the original Name of the true Messiah – YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY….

John Bolton says:

I wonder if there is a hidden pun, or other kind of wordplay in the part where he continues several leagues after Enkidu's death, because I know that is one way of hiding information — a series of sentences, which seem to repeat.

Kyle says:

Ew a white nationali- I mean “””classical liberal”””

CiniCraft says:

Gilgamesh just goes on for 5 minutes straight explaining why she's a hoe…
To her face…
What a savage.

GermanMic says:

Doesn’t it look like the right hand was holding another one of them bags of mystery, it’s clearly missing but the positioning is just weirdly right!

Nicole Ivey says:

Is that Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) reading this?

Jtothaizzo says:

Your voice is perfect for this. Thank you for this

J M says:

Yawwwwn, in order to enjoy this story, previous brain damage is required. One would literally have to be retarded to think this is a story about a hero.
Immortal and sufferering sounds terrible.
I don’t care what anyone says there is no real love in this story and every single character is void of love. This story is Incredibly stupid and boring !

Scotty says:

The darkness was thick, and there was no light. He could see nothing ahead, and nothing behind him.

Tonda Anderson says:

That looks like a watch on his arm…???? Time piece of sorts???? 🕊

Les says:

fuck it. ill listent to this,

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