The Dark Tower – Movie Review

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Film adaptations of Stephen King books don’t have a great track record….but here we are, so here’s my review of THE DARK TOWER!

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Marvel DC says:

Dude your mcconahay impression is insane!!!

Isaac Payne says:

Have returned to this video 3 times just to hear his Matthew McConaughey impression

Caleb Belyeu says:

I surprisingly find The Dark Tower entertaining, especially from Matthew McConaughy

Kan Rup says:

The whole book series on dark tower was had 7 thick books, how would you get that into one film?

Randomguy65 says:

I liked it. Rotten tomatoes 16%. SCREW THAT. Watch ecomog media group's. They agree with me. To be fair. It was too short. I wanted 2 hours and a half of great Stephen King Dark Tower epicness. You are right that it was too condensed. To me the only thing bad about it. Is that I wanted more screen time and more critics to like it and more people to get into it. And less money on promotion. Just a few trailers that is it. You don't need to spend million of dollars on promotion material.

Aidan Coyne says:

he does the best matthew mcconaughey impression ever

2-4-5 TRIOXIN says:

Its okay for none fans. Fans are disappointed. And we all know why. Because they cast a black actor. And it should have been a Clint Eastwood lookin dude. Sorry, but thats the truth.
Its okay people saying the actors colour doesn't matter. But i will guarantee those people saying that would have plenty to say if the next Blade movie came out and Wesley Snipes had been replaced with a white actor. I myself would hate that.

Tiara J Williams says:

That Matthew impression was spot on

Sean says:

It was entertaining for me

Kasey-Emily Mull says:

I thought it was a great movie…

K. The Artist says:

I wanna watch it

Fallen Knight says:

Jeremy made one of the best impressions of all time.

Daniel Chavez says:

There's a reference to IT in the movie.

shayne hubbard says:

This movie was horrible!!!! Sony should be embarrassed after putting this out and if I were Stephen king I would have never let them show this bc it was no where near what should have went on. Did they even read the series? SMH

Anthony Sanchez says:

Well it did make me go and buy an 1858 Remington, so there's that

The SnA Videos says:

I thought this movie was great

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