The Bailey School Kids: Dragons Do Eat Homework published by Scholastic

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The Bailey School Kids is a junior chapter book series that’s an entry point to the classic Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series. Liza, Howie, Eddie and Melody are students at the Bailey School and weird things always happen to them. Howie, one of the smartest kids in the class, keeps losing his homework. In this book, everyone doubts his claim that a dragon is snagging his homework on the way to school every morning. So, Howie and his friends set out to solve the missing homework mystery and discover that the so-called dragon is actually a very rare bird called a giant-scaled albatross. The bird begins to shed its scales and the kids follow the scale trail into a cave. There, they discover a stash of backpacks and homework that the albatross has amassed over the past few weeks. Mystery solved!


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