TFiOS and the Red House Mystery

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A commenter asked if they could see youtube’s favourite novel in my Christmas pile, and they were right. Um, that’s it really, you don’t need to watch this video now.


Jack Davenport says:

I could listen to you talk about books all day

Ash says:

I know that this happened only a year ago, and I'm still a child, but this makes me feel old

syntrix1985 says:

A year late, but just seeing if anybody had written/vlogged about The Red House Mystery. I love it, and recently re-read it; A A Milne's many and myriad works have been an obsession of mine for years and it's lovely to see him come to more prominence. Great video!

W BC says:

Get a haircut

ReSubrose says:

I'm not observant.

Adam Thompson says:

also i love how at least during the period that i watched this video none of the side panel suggested videos were for the vlog brothers.

Adam Thompson says:

I honestly didn't realize rambling could be fantastic until you came along.

Isobel Livingstone says:

I got some books for Christmas. One of them was about a human and had a cat in it. The other one was about a human and had a cat in it. That one was a pretty big book, but when I read, I READ, so I finished it in about three days.

Isobel Livingstone says:

Nah, I won't subscribe to the vlogbrothers. I don't eat fruit, but I'm perfectly healthy.

JediMB says:

…I just watched a video about books, yet all I want to talk about is how awesome the game mentioned at the very end is.

sexyngeeky says:

Yey Vlogbrothers! 😀
I'm in the same boat Dave – love TFioS, but definitely need to check out the rest.
Fantastic people with plugging 🙂

Pearl Alex says:

Woah! I just had to subscribe.. especially after that outro

vlogbrothers says:

Well this is lovely. I would say it's a proper video indeed. 🙂 Thanks. -John

LimeGreenTeknii says:

The clever thing!

TheRunningRoman says:

You seems to be having this thing for Pooh related topics recently.

charlyfox93 says:

Dave, I wonder, you have seen John and Hank' s videos, you've read TFIOS…Do you consider yourself a nerdfighter? Also, what do you think of nerdfighters? I really like the fact that one of my favourite youtubers is actually subscribed to another pair of my favourite youtubers. Have a nice 2014 and DFTBA =)

zagonormus says:

so how did the wifi war go?

GloverMist says:

There are very, very few things on the internet better than listening to Dave ramble! I seriously love it! …and I really need to finish ALBW. Right now.

Kairu Hakubi says:

god i miss reading, there's just no time to do anything like that and my vision keeps getting worse

Walrus125 says:

Your copy of Link Between Worlds makes me sad. I bought mine after Christmas (when I didn't get it) and got it posted to the wrong address. So now my parents have my copy of Link Between Worlds, and I am at college without it. Bad times. 

Interference22 says:

The Red House is from 1922. Pooh's first published appearance is in When We Were Very Young, which was published in 1924. So it predates all things Pooh by 2 years. I am now officially the clever one. Or, y'know, the one that Wikipedia'ed it first…

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