Synchronicity (2015) movie review Sci-Fi thriller mystery

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MY review for the new science fiction time travel film Synchronicity.

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Breno The music dude says:

jus watched this for the first time , better late than never lol found it really interesting

Nilly I says:

The soundrack in some places, was VERY much inspired by Vangelis for Blade Runner!

Daltira says:

I LOVED this movie.

Z M says:

I thoroughly enjoyed Synchronicity.

Osiris Paradox says:


I didn't like the ending how each time he went back in time it was an alternative universe. They make you think it's a causality loop, I'm not the biggest fan of those, but still.
The ending does ruin the scene with the lighter.
Because if we assume it's all one universe that means he gave it to her, then she gives it to him, he gives it to her.
Who created the lighter?
Saying it's from another universe does help ignore that if it was all one loop it would be breaking the 2nd law of thermal dynamics.

Also the temporal feedback doesn't work if he's from a different universe.

Dave 0 gets headaches because Dave 1 is near him because he's getting temporal feedback (using the Movies logic) but that notion is thrown out the window when we learn its multiple Universes.

I think it was supposed to be one universe but the writers didn't want to have to deal with Paradoxs so they tact on the multi universe bit at the end.

Ore Camaney says:

Good review!!

Nicholas Parks says:

Hey, I just finished watched the movie like a few minutes ago, it reminds me of tron legacy movie and a fantasy movie blend, Honesty i would rate it a 7/10 , was good and had me wondering ……… the show suited its budget and really outperformed its expectations

Smackus says:

I enjoyed your style of review… thanks, I will pass for now basis what you said…it's on my saved list for now p.s. I loved Primer!!

Omar Sotelo says:

I'll give it a watch

Emir Mecikoglu says:

Watch Southbound (2015)!! VOD. Horror-thriller-scifi. From the makers of VHS series! It's great and really crazy/weird !! Played in many festivals..

Jazzer Caster says:

Just watched the trailer after seeing your review, looks pretty good, I'll give it a watch! Cheers

mr Garza says:

have you ever given a 5/5?

TheHurtShoulder says:

I loved The Signal, so I really want to check this one out. Also, was not a fan of Primer, just felt like a waste of time.

PlantsVSjunior says:

awesome review cauwel

PlantsVSjunior says:

boooriiiingggggggggggg ill skip this one

[ S K N W L K R _ Ω ] says:

I do like Blade Runner and Dark City. Good call. Will watch this. Neo noir is awesome.

Rodimus Prime says:

is it worth buying on blu ray if i have never seen it?

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