Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Batman Zero Year, Dracula (Comic Book Reviews!)

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This week stacked is all grown up with episode 30. And I’ll be talking Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Batman Zero Year and one of my fav hidden gems, Dracula illustrated by Becky Cloonan. You ready to get back into that Stack? Yes, yes I do believe you are!


The little Deadpool says:

you are so beatiful …

Wade Michael Wilson Batman says:

Tiffany Smith can be my Batgirl

mikey says:

I would marry Tiffany Smith lol


Your hot lol

Loakum says:

I'm loving that graphic art work in that Batman Comic Book. It reminds me of the artwork from Hellblazer, drawn by Leonardo Manco. Another great episode Tiff, and yes You, and all of those shows are kickin some serious ass!

ninjacarm says:

Pan tees

The Stegman says:

Just saw Tiffany in my DC comic for DC's All Access, I'm jealous and happy that her awesomeness is spreading through all the space sectors!

paul blake says:

 DC should use Tiffany's smile to light up Gotham right about now.

Bradley J. Timm says:

DC was wise to scoop you up Tiffany. 

Marvel Antonio says:

You're in a comic book! Can I have your autograph? ^^

ninjacarm says:

Luv ur smile!

jessiegreen619 says:

Congratuations on 30 Episodes.  Be a big Tomb of Dracula fan I have to cheek it out.  Long they Don't sparkkle lol.

Tim O says:

Congratulations on the 30 episodes!! Great review.

Chris Fowerbaugh says:

I love your Batman shirt and you look really cute. think i'm gonna start watching stacked more 😉 lol

Alexandre Souza says:

your so beautiful baby,i think your perfect for the face of DC.blairs cool to,hopfuly u get to Be In the movies?huntress?fire?vixin?

Justin P. Langston says:

It's come pretty fast. Doesn't even feel like 30 episodes but in web and TV it goes by quickly. Congrats TIFFY.

Adam Dooling says:

You're awesome girl, keep 'em comin

Bava Mario says:

Congrats on 30TH episode (^_^)ノ

jaburkie says:

Want Tiffany as my sister.

egroeg reyes says:

i will like that you review the animated movies, like Batman: year one, Batman The Dark Knight Return part 1 and 2, etc

Charlie Shields says:

congrats on 30 episodes Tiffany 🙂 great video as always

Little Henry says:

I loved Batman 25. Loved it! Purple gloves are still awesome!

BoyNamedSue4 says:

I was nervous about it when they announced it, but I've been loving year zero so far

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