Stephen King's The Dark Tower 2: The Drawing of the Three book review

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AJ Constantine says:

Viewers be glad I didn’t write this one. Mine woulda had me abducting the 1960s’ Raquel Welch, trapping her in Midworld w me, and I’d keep sending Eddie back to NYC to pick up toots & keep robbin pharmacies for Welch & I as we get loaded & shoot rats & lobstrocities for laughs, like Sean Penn in “Sweet & Low Down.”

Thinkin of it, that ain’t a half-bad read. 🥴

Linus Sjölander says:

Many thanks for a great summary, I needed one. I bought all the books in one go many years ago and I've tried 3 times to read them all through, but only managed to get through up until Wizard and Glass. Each time I feel I have to start over from the beginning (pbly cuz of my aspergers), meaning I've read the first 4 books 3 times, but stopping somewere in WaG again. Now I've set a goal of finishing the series before 2021, but I'm skipping ahead to the end of WaG and continuing from there.

I am Darth says:

you are a literal gem. thank you for your one shot review

Dr. Skulhamr says:

Well, Rolland's left hand was always passably skilled at least, hence two holsters and two guns.

Roger Pieronski says:

Love this book. It was the first of the series I read. Happened upon it in laundromat one day and it turned me on to the series.

Maza Book Tuber says:

I really enjoyed this review! If you are a constant reader and want to show another constant reader some support go check out my drawing of three review on my channel!!

C.W. Hughes says:

I just finished book 1. I'll put out a review eventually lol but I'm pretty mixed on it. Are you a big king fan? I found his writing a bit off putting but the story caught my Intrest.

Robert O'Neill says:

This is the book I have read more times than any other 🤓❤

Juan Martinez says:

90% in New York you say? Jeez I must've read another version of the book. Most of it was in the beach.

Don Wanderley says:

Books 1-3 are epic. Parts of 4 are great, but everything beyond that reeks of overkill.

Ana Dragos says:

This video is sooo funny! I love how he explains the full story. Lol😁

WineOfAges says:

I agree a very good book!!!!

John Doe says:

i forgot what a brillant book this was

Dave Edmunds says:

Thanks for the review frosty. I agree, this is a phenomenal read. The say king blends the fantastic with the real world is masterful. Characters are top notch as always and the twists and turns mixed with some great action are awesome.

Austin Hughes says:

You did this review in 2015, but here in 2019 it helps so much. I, myself, am on my journey to the Dark Tower and have to be reminded by Frosty Knives exactly what has happened on my quest before reading each book. Here’s to my continued journey with Wizard and Glass. Thanks for the reviews!!

Chris Carter says:

is this review spoiler free or no? it's 16 min long so i feel like you're doing more of a summary than a review. well maybe by review you mean an actual review over the events that occurred in the novel. idk. someone let me know so i can watch the video. actually i only have like 50 pages left in it so i guess i'll just finish it up lol. nvm

Snixelmix Nyx says:

Rereading this series again,have read nearly everything King ,love your video's.

MIS315 says:

I still dont understand how Susannas personalities merge, how did Detta see Odetta?

coolbrando1 says:

Just finished it 5 minutes ago. Incredible! Starting The Wastlands later :). Great summary/review!

Angie's Bookish world! says:

I have read it last year it was great I liked it. I need to read wastelands next

Haven Todd says:

Loved the review, you’re the best, Stephen King book reviewer I’ve seen on YouTube.

P.S. I love your CM Punk hat, and I pray that he returns to WWE.

Eric Quinn says:

Just finished it the other day. It was good, not great in my opinion. Sluggish at times with the Odetta/Detta relationship. Really liked Eddie’s growth throughout the book tho. Started on The Waste Lands, and super excited!

Musashi武蔵Koyama小山 says:

Once he mentioned the drugs I was like the fuck was Stephen king on when he wrote this

frodo says:

I really enjoyed it this video, I hope to start reading Waste Lands real soon, this video helped me get back on track with what happened in the 2nd book.

Also, and I mean this in the most complimenting way possible, you look exactly how I'd imagine a male King fan to look!

Zaynab Hassan says:

This book was honestly so capturing but who reckons the whole Detta and Odetta Holmes thing was slightly annoying and dragged on for far too long

xAtt EIRE says:

Just finished it (SPOILER) the end when Roland was like I love you both or whatever brought me to tears . Its like Sk is always throwing hints or outright showing Rolands heartache and it just gets to me . Super book 10/10 for me.

Marvel and DC comics says:

This was such a phenomenal book. I remember reading this book i was so engrossed in reading the series that i just couldn't let go off of this book.

Ravencrowwise says:

Thanks for the review, I always like to listen to what others have to say about the books I read. It gives me a fresh perspective and reasures me I'm not missing anything. I really enjoy your reviews of the Dark Tower series. See you again after reading book 3.

Randall Flagg says:

Knives! review 1408 i wanna hear what you think

Colin MacVicar says:

Your room is melting. You should look into that.

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