Stephen King's On Writing (A Memoir of the Craft) [A Review]

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Jeremy reviews the best book in existence on writing. This one is for EVERYONE, not just writers. Great tips for writers, and insight on how to improve your reading as well.

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A.K. Kuykendall says:


Daniella Vale says:

you are amazing, thanks

CASue1 says:

@KarmicDrifters Not a writer…just a fan of books! 🙂

KarmicDrifter says:

I'm also in San Jose, CA you a writer?

CASue1 says:

🙂 Every time I watch your videos, I get inspired to go out and read that book ! BTW, not to be nosey, but are in NorCal? I'm in San Jose. If you are in NorCal (in the SJ area), check out Recycle Bookstore on The Alameda – great used book store ! Another one? Book-Go-Round on Oak Street in Saratoga. Great selection and low, low prices…but I'm biased – I volunteer there! LOL! Anyway, looking forward to more videos. 🙂

CASue1 says:

Great review! I'm not sure what you do for a career, but have you ever thought about recording audio books? You have a great voice for it, especially self-help type books. Very inspiring !

Kasey Rex says:

I'm sure he will never forget what that VAN looked like.

Jeremy Stock says:

My pleasure! Thank you for your thoughts. I can highly recommend this book to you, but just keep in mind that his fiction is, of course, entirely different in character, purpose, and even genre. If you really want a Stephen King recommendation… and one that's his best work, and quick to read: Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Read that! It's a short story/novella…. and it's brilliant. Thank you for writing! ~ Jeremy

Jeremy Stock says:

Amen, David. I agree. It's an inspiring and yet very realistic book. It's been very important in my life as well… and I'm not even sure I can call myself an aspiring writer. But I'm glad you watched the video- I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to write! ~ Jeremy

Jeremy Stock says:

It's a very very good book. I hope that you do read it. When you do let me know your thoughts. I'd be interested to get your take on it. Thank you for writing! ~ Jeremy

Jeremy Stock says:

Aaron has been super busy. He starts university in a few weeks, which includes moving, and all that. So he'll be back, but he has to get all that organized first. Thanks for asking about him though! I miss him, too. ~ Jeremy

Jeremy Stock says:

Definitely give it a shot. You'll enjoy it, especially if you like King's writing. Even if you don't, it's a fascinating read. Thank you for stopping by! ~ Jeremy

Jeremy Stock says:

Wow. That's an amazing story! Thank you for sharing that. Congratulations on your success! I'll have to check out your work. Is it currently published, or are you still working on the stories? I apologize if I'm showing my ignorance here, I'm still becoming aware of all the various booktubers in this ever-growing community. But I really appreciate you writing- I hope other writers see your comment and it too gives them some inspiration. Many thanks! ~ Jeremy

Jeremy Stock says:

🙂 Van, Sshman. 😛 It almost killed him! LOL Stephen King didn't care what the shape was. 🙂

Kasey Rex says:

It was a van, not a truck…gah. 🙂

Cătălina Radu says:

I've found this book on sale and I just said to myself "hey, this might be interesting", even though I am just a reader, not a writer.
After this video, I am more excited about reading it.

David Jones says:

I love this book. One of my fave King books that I have read. I am an aspiring writer and this book has helped me out.

Harry Roberts says:

Amazing review, i was looking into reading some work by stephen king. Think this will be a must read for me 🙂 Very informative thanks jeremy!

LovelyLiteratures says:

Thanks for reviewing this, I hadn't even heard of it, and now I'm excited to pick it up!

kirarin says:

I am a huge fan of King's work, and he is also one of my favorite authors. After this review, I would love to read the entire thing! There is so much truth to these few quotes you pulled out, I can't wait to see what other nuggets of wisdom this man has.
Thank you for uploading this!

Citrushearted says:

My husband read that book and he loved that book too. Great review.

ZeLeOna says:

That book should be released here too (Philippines). I've been hearing a lot of good things about it and I really want to read it.

annagirl17 says:

Thank you for this video; I didn't know this book existed. Just marked it to-read, though 🙂
Re: learning more from bad writing than good, I completely agree.
John Green has a beautiful way with words, but that's a stylistic thing and uniquely his. If I tried to infuse that in my work it'd likely be a terrible knock-off. At least with bad writing you can learn exactly what doesn't work and what to eliminate.

Bunny Cates says:

One of my favs, as well. Love the biography aspect of it and LOVE the "mentorship" aspect of it. So much info in such a tiny volume. That there is one amazing man.

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