Stephen King's IT Best Book Scenes Not in the Movie

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► ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A review of Stephen King’s IT 2017 Movie. A discussion of the best scenes from the IT Book that were not in the movie. Explain what IT is.

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existenceisrelative says:

Aw come on, you claimed to have read The Dark Tower series. You should know better than this, all the stories of King are connected through the DT multiverse. In fact all the infinite possibilities of existence are connected into the Dark Tower. Hence north central positronics having access to actual Doombots.

Tyler Payne says:

comic book girl 19 I think that part in the book where the teenage orgy scene should've been put in the movie and that would have been crazy and my favorite character is bill and what was your favorite character in the book?

Slider 27 says:

I want to but my parents won’t buy it for me

sc00b4s7eve says:

Aww. You were so cute and not cynical here : P
Great content exposition too

Elvin Mateo says:

Lmao awww swimming pool sharks LOL

Troy Steel says:

I read the book twice and saw the miniseries and the new movie i was disappointed in the fact that the original fears Ben's mummy Richies werewolf Stan seeing the dead children there wasn't much about silver and there era inconsistencies i think Hollywood tried to make a movie but didnt focus much on the source material the book is far better wonder if they will talk about the ritual of Chud at all in the next movie but i loved the video

Benjamin Blankenship says:

As a child I used to visualize the swimming pool shark all the time. My vision is really bad. I'd imagine seeing Jaws. Amazing book btw. The mini-series traumatized my sister regarding clowns.

Fairy Tail 727 says:

You know the number of pages in it 1138 38-11=27

Fairy Tail 727 says:

You know for that adult it thing he would show up and just say check your credit card and they’d go and check and their credit card balance would just be -5000 and it’s just watching them freak out

SchizophrenicDolphinz says:

He looks like a who from who ville

Kifujin Kitade - Cover songs says:

I've neer read the book but… the idea of teen orgy…. uhm, let's say that I'm digusted and curious

Fatima Sajid says:

His name is Eddie Kaspbark

Sunstripe Warriors and More says:

I wanna read it it would be 1st stephen king book ive read

Factual Opinion says:

@20:49 riiiiiiight.
It was a silly scene for me.
The bois get coochie as a way to bond them & find a way out the sewer 😐
Yup, it's the definition of Ridiculous.

Factual Opinion says:

Just read the book again after many years.
I like it less.
It has way too many pages of the history of the town. It just goes on &on with unnecessary bullshit from random people. It could had been easily shortened, come on. A thousand pages with some filler crap.
The best part truly was the lovecraftian other-dimensional spider form & the ritual of chud.
But the 1990s tv movie was still worse tho.
But the 2017 movie worked for me

Koley Turner says:

Lol I wanna have a bonding ritual with the host chick/teacher 🙂

Isaias Diaz says:

love you Hair ♥️😍

Blacks are the Real Hebrews says:

I was watching scary movies at the tender age 7, sex scenes and all. My dad didn't give a rat's ass. Thank God I didn't suffer anxiety disorders…😳 LOL

Skye Fraser says:

Love the book, the miniseries, the movie, and love YOU 😊🤘🏻

Nelson Draws says:

My worst fear*not having my books*

Justin Grant says:

Killer shirt

Number One Redhead says:

I loved the book so much! My mother didn’t think I was going to finish it but I did in three and a half weeks.

daniel tabin says:

That brain is annoying and adds literally nothing.

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