Stephen King's IT (2017) Movie Review

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Luis Almodovar says:

very fun and entertaining movie indeed.

Joxsjua says:

good movie, good review

wish i could make a better name person says:


Pred Dziadek says:

I watched "It" last night. Horrible movie. The horror itself was to stay awake throughout the length of over 2 hrs of bull shit with no characters getting killed just to see this stupid clown being defeated in the end by little kids with mental health issues. I wake up today, sip some rum and ask myself: Was that for real? Unfortunately it was.

Laverne Blaszczyk says:

Tim Curry was a better fit but the new movie was scarier

I-AM-Xenu says:

this must be a paid review, the new IT was terrible, id say a really good movie hasnt been released in almost 5 years now, or more. but regarding it, which seems to be missing a couple of letters, since it should have been named "shit"…the acting was pretty decent on the clowns behalf, but the over use of CGI, and the story all over the place in regards to its predecessor, id give it a 4/10,

Francis Hudgick says:

I appreciate the original IT in my opinion! Just because it's more kid friendly and it has that iconic nostalgic atmosphere to it!

Joey Richardson says:

Only thing that bothered me in this movie that was partly shown in the miniseries were Victor's and Belch's deaths being absent in the movie. Another thing how Henry's hair color changed wasn't shown in this movie. That was the only thing I got disappointed about.

Milton Hunter says:

Loved IT. Skargard was just otherworldly with his looks and movements- like he should be.

BluryFilms says:

i think this is one of those rare cases where the new version is better than the original, ESPECIALLY with the Georgie scene, the original, the kid was WAY too happy and friendly about seeing a clown pop out from the darkness of a sewer, and this, he was more like WHAH! WTF??….oh!…he's kinda funny…i guess there is no harm in….BIG HARM BIG HARM!" and i think the film took WAY greater risks than the original ever did

Paul T_Altazin says:

I throughly enjoyed this film. I would've liked to see them go a little further with how disturbing pennywise is in the books, but due to the success of this one I think the sequel will push the envelope further

Huggamugger1 says:

One thing that annoyed me a little bit in the first movie was when IT had Beverly and she said that she faced her worst fear so she wasn't scared of IT anymore. Then IT replied, "You will be!" How does her facing down her fear of her dad make her immune to being scared anymore? I could face down my worst fear and still be frightened of a Demon Clown with a mouth full of needle-like teeth. In fact, seeing that Demon Clown would more than likely take the top spot and be a whole new level of scary over whatever I thought was scary before.

TAR HEAD says:

I thought it was fantastic, I love the score, the characters were great and all the Spooks were all amazing, had a fun time watching it!

Warstu says:

Enjoyed it but wasn't scary at all really, haven't seen the original one though

Raul Aguilar says:

Just saw the movie last night. That opening scene where the little kid gets his arm bitten off and he's crying and screaming for his brother while being dragged away was so fucked up and sad. It really got me.

Jay Hemp says:

Absolutely loved it! I really wish I saw it in imax instead of the tiny, tiny screen I saw It on.

shizuwolf says:

I'm with Rob and Douge from Nostalgia Critic. A lot of the imagery before the clown was much scarier. If it was more like a formless entity that changed into its prey's worst nightmares, that would have been much better.
In the opening scene where pennywise is in the sewer, I thought he sounded like a pedophile who was trying to subdue himself so he doesn't alert the kids that he is a pedophile. Tim Curry at least sounded more like a clown. But it was a nice touch with George getting his arm bit off.

Charles Lee Ray says:

Annabelle 2 startled me more …although IT was a good movie too.

Charles Lee Ray says:

A lot of the effects reminded me of Freddy Krueger movies i.e. the blood shooting out of the sink scene.

The Amazing Lucas says:

This movie was worst film of the year.

comic book hero says:

Do a Face Reveal

EGA says:

IT (2017) had some of the best cinematography I have ever seen. And I agree, some of the scares were predictable (probably because some were revealed in the trailer). Still, wonderful job; it was a fun reimagining. 8 out of 10.

Mr Normree says:

666th like 🤡🤡🤡

Sexy Grandma Darkness says:

Hey, Mr. H i love the original Steven King It! the New one is Alright..but Tim Curry is and always be A Hell of an Actor!! loved him as Penny Wise 😆 he was awesome plus he has A twisted sense of Humor😄 my Favorite remake has to be by far Rob Zombie's remaking of Halloween That was Fantastic😉 keep up the Amazing job!! much love SexyGrandma Darkness✌❤❤

DarthRaptor97 says:

I have seen it. I hate George death but the rest I like.

Tylor Smith says:

Screw that Garage scene!

Marty McFly says:

I thought the CGI in this was horrible. Took me right out of the movie and killed the scares for me. Especially with the painted woman creature and the moments they CGI'd Pennywise. Totally threw me. Such a shame! I still feel like the original miniseries was scarier.

Exodus 2017 says:

I swear to God if anyone says you'll float too they are going to get beat down

boxertest says:

Pennywise forehead is huge!!! 🙂

theespressokid1 says:

I absolutely loved this film, going to see it again next weekend!

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