Stephen Kings From A Buick 8 Getting A Movie Adaptation

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Popular horror writer, Stephen King has a new book-to-film adaptation in the works with From A Buick 8 . The announcement comes as Castle Rock is set to premiere on Hulu , another King adaptation that was developedwith J.J. Abrams. One of Kings lesser known works, From A Buick 8 was published in 2002. The novel marked the second time Kings menacing force was a car, following his earlier work, Christine . Taking place in thethe rural town of Statler, Pennsylvania, the storyrevolves around the state police and a secret they have hidden for two decades. Keeping asinister 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the barracks, the car is discovered to be a portal to another dimension. Related: Castle Rock Review: A Leisurely Stroll Through Stephen Kings World According to Deadline , the film has been optioned for production under Ashok Amritrajs Hyde Park Entertainment. William Brent Bell is slated to write the screenplay and direct the picture. Bell has directed a slew of horror films, including 2012s The Devil Inside and 2016s The Boy. Amritrajis set to produce the film, with Addison Mehr and Priya Amritrajserving asexecutive producers. Before his passing, the film wasat one point indevelopment as a vehicle for Night of the Living Dead s George Romero. King is no stranger to his works being adapted to the screen, and From A Buick 8 is the latest in a slew of projects. Kingsfilm adaptation of Firestarter recently got a new director withFaith Akin.Alsoset to helm Kings Boogeyman are writersScott Beck and Bryan Woods . His latest work, The Outsider, is slated to become a TV series , and Pet Sematary is said to be one of the scariest King adaptations yet . Kings work often describes eviland mysterious characters and circumstances, and From A Buick 8 has the makings of another haunting tale. While it may not be considered one of Kings more staple works, even his lesser knownstories pack a sinister feeling that onlythe author can provide. The decision to have Bell as writer and director could also make for an overwhelming horror experience. Fans of King would hope, though, that Bell will work alongsidethe author to bring the original work to life. With no set release date, cast announcement, or production date scheduled for the film, fans can look forward to the slew of other King projects for now. The most hyped film expected in September of 2019 is undoubtedly It: Chapter Two . Regardless, King has a treasure trove of horror stories waiting to be told, with From A Buick 8 slated as the most recent addition fans have to look forward to. Source: Deadline Looking for an AD FREE EXPERIENCE on ScreenRant?


tyler2610 says:

I read this in high school back when it came out. I don't think it was that good and feel like it would make an even worse movie but it would be interesting to see.

Jay Gill says:

Please make the movie!

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