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Amy’s Son says:

What’s your necklace about? Looks anti-God. Thank God Jesus saves. Look into Christ, you’re worth it. We all live forever, but if in Heaven or hell? Accept Christ.

Maza Book Tuber says:

Great collection! I hadn’t seen many of the mass paper back covers till now! Great video! If you are a constant reader and you are reading this go check out my Stephen King collection on my channel!

Scombs 654 says:

'Salem's Lot is my favorite SK book so far.

Freddie Hudson says:

Can everybody just calm down. Just because she hasn’t read as much as maybe you have, she’s still a fan! Leave her alone.

J. Schoenborn says:

Me, I LOVE "Christine", the film is awesome for its soundtrack.
First song of the film: "Bad To The Bone". That's just such a good song and it's a signature film for John Carpenter!
I've also literally had to repair the cover with masking tape because I had read it THAT much!

•"It" is good; intimidating by its size, but I liked it somewhat. Kind of lost itself to me, going from a bildungsroman and into a sci-fi epic; kind of starting out like "oh, this is REALLY good!" and going into "Will it never end?!"
•"On Writing" is SO inspirational, especially to me, as a budding writer! I was up at my brother's wedding and the groom's wedding party went to a shopping mall; this was back during the days of Barnes & Noble and that book caught my eye on a shelf on discounted books! I was like "Ohh…I only brought maybe $20 with me".
Hard to put down and I read it on the entire way home!

Turtle Anton says:

This was a dumb idea

Infired bean says:

People are being so rude tf , you can idolize people even if you haven’t read that much… you dont have to read that much to enjoy it

IvanRodriguez Productions says:

The shining is a good book but I haven’t seen the movie

Matthew Sam Suren says:

I'm kinda agree with those people who are very livid on how you talk about Stephen King and his works but we must all help each other. Be a Constant Reader! For a fresh start, you could read Carrie or 'Salem's Lot!

Jamie Serrano says:

I love Stephen King but he’s not really one of my favorite authors to read because I really don’t like his nonlinear storytelling style but it does work well cinematically so I do enjoy some of the adaptations that I’ve made their way from book to film

Matthew Sam Suren says:

You could start from Carrie and down the road chronologically!

Heather Pressed Between the Pages says:

Used bookstores are a gold mine for Stephen king paperbacks 💕 I once found a copy of Carrie for a dime at a used bookstore, and I felt like I’d found buried treasure 😜 I love his short story collections the best, too, honestly.

JoAnne Suzie Burlison says:

this is an old video so you might have read the book by now but the Tailsman is absolutely fantastic. Its more fantasy horror and I'm not a huge fantasy fan but its my favorite after IT. I notice you have a lot of people making snide comments on here, ignore them. King was my very first horror author and I'm a huge horror fan. I still love him and at 57 even I have not read all his books. Love your channel, we have the same tastes. 🙂

Chicago Canine says:

Insomnia is one of my favorite books, I periodically reread it. I also love his anthologies. Needful Things is slow but it gets better. From a Buick 8 is a good one, you’re missing out. It’s not really about a car.
Tommykockers isn’t great, and the miniseries was also pretty bad.
I also highly recommend the audiobook Blood and Smoke, even if you’ve already read the stories from it.

Geisy Alcala says:

Omg this is so embarrassing.

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