Stephen King Book Collection Part.1`

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I decided to make a video of my book collection of Stephen King my favorite author, I have almost every book he wrote in mint condition and I wanted to show them to you so please enjoy and subscribe


Turtle Anton says:

INSOMNIA will put you to sleep

Gabi X says:

Insomnia cover = horrible.
I guess everyone now its an artist.

Gabi X says:

I hate when sellers on Amazon don't tell us " NO DUST JACKET".
I return those .

Albert Siochi says:

My favorite is the shining and firestarer

dereksmallsuk says:

Jeez. Read them ffs.

Aaron Smith says:

I am definitely a Stephen King fan, that's for sure. I started reading his books when I was fifteen and haven't stopped since. I think my favorite is either The Shining or Christine. Granted there are still a LOT of his books I've yet to read.

Eddie Brackett says:

He has a lot of first editions

Matthew Ritchie says:

can I have your book collection 1 and 2 how much did you pay four the hard cover book friend.

Davyn Nickerson says:

Yes ive read it but i like christine like the same as it

Davyn Nickerson says:

Im supeised to find that ur carrie is. A real 1st edition

S P I C Y S O S says:

Dats on crazy i just got the dead zone without the cover , craxy

I am death says:

Where did you order "cycle of the were wolf" at??

Brandon Owyong says:

in different seasons three of the stories were adapted shawshank redemption ,apt pupil and stand by me

JT says:

My favorite Stephen King book was IT

possessed by horror says:

do you know any other used book websites besides

possessed by horror says:

what would you rate pet semetary?

Cameron Ricke says:

you should do a review on the stand!

possessed by horror says:

my first king was cujo and I have to admit it was boring at some parts but I held throughout the next two I am planning on reading will be firestarter and the stand!

JawsKid says:

I really want The Eyes of the Dragon, Night Shift, Everything's Eventual.

possessed by horror says:

i really want to read stephen king so i'm going to start with Carrie

dantechick says:

I am surprised how many of these I have read. Dead Zone was my first Stephen King book when I was a kid, loved it.

Lance Hackett says:

Did you like "mr Mercedes"?

Sean says:

Where is Missery and Christine

Joni-lee Smith says:

Stephen King IT is my favorite too

Craig Bird says:

dude your so cool

Craig Bird says:

damn u have a 1st edition carrie

K says:

is Leeland Gaunt's car in "Needful Things" the same car in Cujo?? 😛

Adrian Guardiola says:

I remember when I was 13 I thought this was a TON of books. I had seventeen then…… I now have 50 lol

Crunchy B Roll says:

this video is very helpful on what books there are. I wish you would've gave a bit more of a description on each book. I really want to read the book carrie even though I watched the old original movie and then the 2013 version. my dad was telling me about the books he read and he said that "it" was really scary. I read a little bit of the night shift but I got bored so I stopped…..I think I will read carrie first

GuidetoHorrorClassics says:

i like it to

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