Spoiler-Free Review of I, Robot

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Here’s my general thoughts about I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.
If you want to hear more of my thoughts please watch my spoiler review the book:


Attention! says:

Just picked it up (I am a bit late to the party) but really liking it thus far. I have read Asimov, but for whatever reason, left this one out until now. I like the non-spoiler review, thanks!

ewe.linko says:

I'm trying to read the book for my class. It's difficult to read because my brain is having a hard time imagining the advanced society scenes in this book.

Martin Bryan says:

Very well done great presentation.

German C says:

I Was thinking about reading this book , you just convinced me to do it thank you!

Books and Looks says:

I really enjoyed i, Robot!! The 3 laws was my favorite aspect of the story too.
What did you think of the movie in comparison to the book?

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