Sphere by Michael Crichton Spoiler-Free Book Review

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Mike continues the great Michael Crichton re-read by discussing the 1987 sci-fi classic Sphere.

You can purchase Sphere here: https://amzn.to/2YuZG49 (physical) https://amzn.to/3l4Ff5W (digital) https://amzn.to/2X7Pn5I (audio)

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0:00 Introduction
0:44 Background Info
2:28 What Is It About?
3:02 What Makes it Good or Bad?
11:25 Why You Should Read It
12:27 Final Thoughts
13:35 Adaptations
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Orionsbelt says:

I saw the movie first back in the day and loved it, I wanted to read this forever, I finally did it earlier this year, and I liked it but it dragged a bit for my liking. I then rewatch the movie and I agree it is on the slow side and not as good as I remember it. I love the ending it blew my mind.

Thomas Kittock says:

I'm excited to dive into that collection! I have it too, I'll want something lighter after I finished Dune. I've read a few of Cricton's novels (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Pirate Latutudes), and thought for the most part they were good but not great… I'm willing to give him another try.

Interested to hear your thoughts on Lost World when the time comes, I felt it was pretty much a complete filler novel made so they could have another movie.

Ludovicus Monachus says:

Review my dating book 🙂

ravenbellebooks says:

This is the only Crichton book I've read. I remember finishing it and just feeling a little underwhelmed… but then I just kept thinking about it and all of the implications of that ending and – whew – it changed my mind! I still think about this one often!

qboycorvi says:

The last time I read Sphere was when I was in grade school in the 90s. I just reread it a few months ago in just 2 days. It still holds up very well!

Rc-Vader says:

I really enjoyed this one, but the movie did not do it justice. So happy you are a crichtonite like me!

Patrick says:

You should play Subnautica to help with your thalassophobia.

Ulmo90 says:

Great review, I'm recently read Congo and now I'm reading Sphere thanks to your excitement for the author!

Asia Evans says:

I find it hilarious that I just picked up Sphere for the first time and this review showed up. I love the way you reviewed the book. THANK YOU!

Bennie k10 says:

I finished reading Jurrasic Park then I checked out the rest of his works. Man's packing heat. My tbr has this chunk of his books now.

Kyle Rieman says:

I remember really enjoying this book. It has been a few years since I read it. I also really enjoyed Prey.

Also wanted to say I love the Stargate shirt.

Andrea Miller says:

Sphere was always a top 3 favorite of mine, with Timeline and Jurassic Park. I didn't like the movie unfortunately. You are spot on in your critique. I guess I was a fan of his long before I knew who Crichton was since I liked his movies Looker, Westworld, and Runaway, which I didn't know he did.

StopFear says:

Sphere reminded me a lot about other books about a “mysterious object”, mainly those by Arthur C Clarke who has authored 2001 and Rendezvous with Rama (in retrospect NOT recommended books).

StopFear says:

Mike, don’t get offended by my question please. I ask it as a cancer survivor, but did you ever have some kind of serious illness? I notice some appearance traits I have after recovering from cancer years ago, and which I still have.

StopFear says:

Man, do you really like having collections of books you have already read just hanging on your shelf?

medic981 says:

I loved this book. I think it was better than when I read it as a teen. Fingers crossed for a good adaptation.

Lori Ayres says:

I read this about twenty years ago as well. Thanks for reminding me of it. I’m going to reread.

UNJX Channel says:

Hey Mike, I agree that Sphere (1987) the book was great, and so was Congo (1980). Andromeda Strain (1969) was awesome. The books blow the movies out of the water.

Michael L. Morrison says:

From what I remember, this was my favorite of the 5 or 6 of his I read back in the day.

Chelsie Rohrscheib says:

Listen guys, there's a reason we scientists aren't exciting. It takes a certain personality to slave away in a lab for years in order to solve the world's problems. Let us keep to out quiet little selves, thank you.

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