Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells: OSR Science Fantasy Ruleset Review

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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is a massive toolkit for running space fantasy RPGs like Star Wars or Dune. Featuring fast streamlined rules and more solid, game-ready content than you could ever possibly use.

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Questing Beast says:

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solomani says:

As someone who has had a science-fantasy setting since 1982 and Barrier Peaks my favourite adventure (still a mega dungeon in my home-brew) anything that lets me weird/science up my fantasy gets a +1. Thanks.

Sam Chafin says:

The title of this book definitely made me think of the old Thundar the Barbarian cartoon show. That would be a fun wack-a-do world to play in.

Euan Smith says:

All those random tables look like a lot of fun; though I'd probably flip the game to a roll + add system as that's my favourite.

Bryan Alexander says:

Love the setting and the narrative but I didn't like the system at all. I world have preferred something that actually was closer to OSR or even 5e. Still, there is enough 3rd party material to homebrew it and the book is worth buying for the fluff.

Scott "Nighthawk" Nelson says:

This would have been even better as full color, IMO.

William & Polly Shires says:

I must admit I wish that Sharp Swords got this massive treatment. I'm not one for Sci Fi games, especially gonzo style. SS&SS is an amazing game, for sure, but I feel like this game got ten times as many tables. Oh well!

Ben Asaro says:

Great review as always! I admit I am not sure what the logic is behind reviewing 5e's core books. If your Patrons got you to that point by supporting your OSR content, isn't that jumping the shark a bit?

Fred Daniel says:

Thanks for this fine video review of an interesting product. You have a great style and feature many products I would probably miss out on without you covering them. I have made a number of purchases based on viewing your vids including your own Knave. You definitely have your own very interesting niche. Please don't become just another 5e fanboy channel.

Ross Bonilla says:

I would use this to run my Thundaar the Barbarian campaign and my Moorcock Eternal Champion campaigns. Great review.

Chris Baratz says:

I'm glad you've had time to make some more review videos Ben. I look forward to your videos.

Diogo Nogueira says:

Actually when you were talking about the Difficulty and that it didn’t explain what it meant if you fail, on the opposite page of the same spread was a big section of “Failure and Its Meaning”.

William Dvorak says:

I'm a fan of these games, love the mechanics.

Jordan Raymond says:

This game is absolutely awesome. I bought it, then backed the Dark Streets and Darker Secrets kickstarter because of it. It's that good.

There are still a couple of criticism that can be addressed, though. I'm 100% with you about the organisation of the rules : you sometimes have to go back and forth in the book to find what you are looking for. Some rules are simply repeated, others are specified and explained in different parts of the book, sometimes through the examples.

Some stuff is mathematically unsound, too. The biggest offender is the multiple attack rule : make another attack, but all your attacks are +2 difficulty (or something like that). Unless the chances to succeed are already super low, you should always make multiple attacks, since the chances to hit at least once are simply better when you have multiple attacks (and, bonus, you also have a chance to hit more than once). The better the initial chances, the more attacks you should always make. I'll simply remove this rule in my games.

But all in all, it's really, really good. The last chapters are worth the price tag by themselves. Thanks Diogo!

pandr3s says:

The reason why art is so diverse in the book is the same reason why it has a lot of wonderful art. You cannot get one single artist to illustrate the whole book.

Vinko says:

Man, I'd love to see your bookshelf. All them hardbacks of awesome stuff!

Eric from Bloat Games says:

This book is infinitely useful.

iris7eye says:

I was going to pass on this, as I already have Stars without Number. But, the GM section with those sectors might have sold me. I'm always interested for toolbox content that can go in any game I might run.

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