Shakespeare Professor Reacts To Movie Adaptations

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Emma Smith – author of This Is Shakespeare – gives us her take on the classic Shakespearean films: 10 Things I Hate About You, Romeo + Juliet, O, and The Tempest

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this account has been deleted says:

At school we are doing a Macbeth play from shakepeare

Emily Dawson says:

What a fab vid! Hope there’s more to come!

Aine Herron says:

I wrote an essay on luhrmann's romeo + juliet and despite that it still remains my favourite movie – for the soundtrack, the imagery and it was so interesting to hear someone else interpret the movie. I loved this!!

Penguin Platform says:

You've all twisted our arm – we've got another reaction video with Emma coming next week!

Lucinda Entre Libros says:

I really want to see more of her! Such an intelligent woman, those nineteen minutes felt like five.

She reminded me of my Shakespeare class at uni, and made me want to watch all the movies again!

Natreadsbooks says:

This video just saved my day ❤️

Eva C says:

More of this!!

WithTheClassics says:

This was delightful! I love Emma Smith's other academic work, and I'm looking forward to reading her book soon.

witchintraining says:

i enjoyed this so much! it was like going to a very entertaining, informative, fun lecture

Jessica Foster says:

Woow. This is fantastic.

Reflective Rambling says:

Oh this was a TREAT! I would love to see more of these! I also feel horribly foolish for not knowing that Taymor took on "The Tempest"! I loved her work on Titus.

OMGitsSeppie says:

This is wonderful – I'd love to see more!

Erin Jorgensen says:

Please make this a series! With so many movie adaptions out there it would be very entertaining to watch.

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