Scanners movie review science fiction 1981

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My review of one of my favorite films Scanners.
David Cronenberg’s science fiction classic
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johny five says:

Solid 3.5-4 out 5 and more if your into the genre They will fuck up a remake if this royally,

NewWave Productions says:

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Pineapple Joe says:

One of my favorite movies as well. Eagerly anticapating the blu-ray. 

Caine Ojeda says:

Scanners is overall a very solid movie, however, I did have one problem with it. The movie goes through a number of scenes before it really tells you the significance of what is happening and why it is happening. Luckily, once it establishes the motives driving ConSec and Revok, it never loses momentum.

That being said, I think you may have a little bias in your review. No offense to Steven Lack, because it may have been due to unclear direction, but his fairly monotone performance does not compliment his character at all. It is very clearly bad acting, and it took me out of the movie every time he spoke.

Addressing your thoughts on Revok being a good antagonist. I personally agree, he made for a generally threatening character who is quite memorable. However, I would not go as far to say that he is one of the better antagonists in all of cinema. The biggest flaw with Revok is that he is two-dimensional. If I were to compare him to Darth Vader from Star Wars, or Zuko from Avatar, his lack of depth would quickly show.

With all that said, I still think it's a really solid movie, but I don't think it deserves the praise that you give here. Except for the soundtrack. This movie is remarkably scored with haunting ambient pieces that are well-mixed in the movie. It makes for an incredibly unique atmosphere that I found very compelling.

mark ibbetson says:

Seein' a guys head explode  is great plus the end when they combat, great acting by that guy in 'total recall'

californiatones says:

Scanners is a favorite of mine I think because of the minimalism. I love Jennifer O'Neil in this movie as well.

I enjoyed the character development of both the villain and the hero (Cameron Vale). You could empathize with the emotional pain they suffered because of their disease.

The artist character was fascinating too, especially the artwork, very surreal.

I do not consider this to be horror but rather a cross between drama and suspense, and even 70s Noirish.

cauwel3 says:

Yeah, but I thought it kind of played well because he was supposed to be on heavy medication to control the scanning power. So that is an unintentional thing that I think works.

leitchee says:

Just watched finally! Good movie just felt guy playing main charector was really wooden compaired the rest of the production. Love these types of films and was so refreshing with the plot and mainly the cinematography to support the violence. That first 20 minutes is fucking perfect! So yeah liked the film a lot and don't want to put all blaime on one just one actors roll… but I really thought he wasn't likeable, I want Ironside to win haha got anymore recommendations?

cauwel3 says:

I would love to see a remake no matter how it turned out, but I bet the filmmakers would have a hard time restraining themselves with the special effects.

Mottahead says:

I don't agree with you. I think that what we have now in terms of production can really add up a lot to an already good script or good story. And there's the fact that times have changed so a new film can also incorporate more up to date social commentary or bring the whole thing to today's world.
In an ideal world the original directors should direct the remakes. Yet even if it's another guy directing I would give a try.

DJ Donnelly says:

This movie so boring.

cauwel3 says:

I have seen Existenz once. Just bought it used for a future review.
I liked Colossus better than Logan's Run. Logan's Run is my dad's favorite.

Gabriel Stan says:

it was revolutionary for it's time because it was about evil corporations and drugs with unexpected side-effects. Michael Ironside plays a good villain same as in Total Recall the original movie. Effects were better than the Brood but not that good of an acting.
If you like Cronenber's movies i recommend also Existenz.
And also sci fi movies about evil computers: Colossus: The Forbin Project and Logan's Run.

taketimeout2 says:

Your so right. It was way ahead of its time and Matrix is obviously inspired by it.
Superb film and it still looks fabulous and the acting is perfect because they are all grey characterless generic humans. The story is more important than the personalities.
Not the other way round.

KarnRulez says:

TBH. I coudnt get into scanners. The plot just seemed stupid to me, and it was just pointless gore.
I thought it sucked.

cauwel3 says:

Awesome, that might be worth some money

SlamDunkster1 says:

This was the first VHS video I ever bought, in the 1980's. i still have it, in it's padded squeaky box.

cauwel3 says:

Videodrome is awesome

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