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Holy Book Reviews: Snarky reviews of the holy scriptures as if they were works of fiction. Books 8+9: Samuel (1st and 2nd)

Commander of the Iron Chariots
Read my very short story based on Judges chapter 4 here:…

Seventy Faces: My short story collection
These short stories of up to 6000 words are a retelling of stories from the Old Testament, purely from a human perspective. The retellings focus on answering questions such as, what is this character’s motive? Or what was the experience of a minor character whose story is not really emphasized? An example of these is Iron Chariots, which was featured on Silver Needle Press’s website as the flash fiction contest winner in June, 2018.

LIORA SOPHIE ~ Writers plan & Characters Laugh


Qwordy says:

Sages: Male/male relationships are NOT ALLOWED!
David & Johnathon: Sure, Jan.

Qwordy says:

So gave him his coat…his bow…and his sword….but did he also give him his axe?

Qwordy says:

Israel: We want a king.
Sam: Dude, God says hoe don't do it
Isreal: We're getting a king.
Sam: Oh my God.

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