Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review: Lightweight + AMOLED = Must Buy?

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Is the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro worth buying? With a Ultra Light design & AMOLED 15.6″ screen – is the £1200 Book Pro worth buying over the XPS 13, LG Gram, and MacBook Pro?

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The Tech Chap says:

Hey Chaps! Does the AMOLED screen tempt you to buy it??

X YZ says:

The top UK spec LG Gram 16" i-7, 16GB RAM, 1TB ROM, 2K screen, 16:10 screen ratio, great battery life, generous port selection, better colour accuracy is £1,199 at Amazon and Currys right now. Problem is I haven't been able to use the Gram in store – I've used the GB Pro. For £1,199, on paper at least, the Gram smokes the GB Pro.

Wan says:

This video guides me in considering this laptop.

Colin Huon says:

Non replaceable battery? When it goes flat it becomes a rubbish bin job. Don't touch.

Mantikal says:

720p cam??? in 2021??

ZERO says:

That's a piece of art🥺 but it's samsung I have trust issues

Jackie L. says:

I think is $499 now? 🤔

Ishmam Naveel says:

I just bought this, got it brand new for $699, the 15" i5 version!! White color. Very happy with the purchase, it's still on sale on best buy for $899! Still a great deal!

AR Movies World says:

I need this one my favourite

Nabil Rahman says:

Bad review wheres the convertability

Thural Musaibov says:

16:9 is more productive for web browsing, coding and for text related stuff in general. Its about the balance

nik son says:

Is there any option with a matte screen?

Real Edward J says:

It’s perfect for X Cloud gaming.

AR Movies World says:

Can you do a review of lg gram and Samsung galaxy book pro

AR Movies World says:

How much inch in this 15 or 13

Allantoss says:

i almost thought he was Sheldon! or is he?

Nitin Jain says:

How good it is for external monitor for trading purpose ? Please help me as i am looking a laptop that support external monitor, multi0le charts and tabs and trading software

Milos Rasovic says:

Lack of AMD Ryzen CPUs is something that misses

glyn lewis says:

Would Microsoft Office work on this laptop ?

11doso11 says:

No 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio = no productivity

Fortnite Gamer says:

The display is amazing but I'd still get the M1 MacBook Air.

Lester Pineda says:

Thank you for this. Defo liked and subscribed. You helped me a lot in buying the right gadget fit for my needs. 🥰

Keith Tam says:

Thanks for the nice review. BTW, speaking of the ulta light laptop, I suggest you to have a check on Fujitsu UH-X and do a serious comparison. Really look forward to it! 😛

JustVids says:

Got a chance to buy the 13 inch/i5/256gb for $525 new in box, very excited.

Chandrasekhar Dash says:

Does it comes with Microsoft office

Latos Time says:

Must buy ? Yes, of course. Only when you had the money 🤣

Prakhar Srivastava says:

Upgradable SSD & RAM ??

Ritam Hati says:

Watching the video, the laptop is so good man, I wanna buy-it right now……..


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