Samsung Galaxy Book Flex review: QLED for the win

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The Galaxy Book Flex is everything you could want in a modern 2-in-1 laptop. It’s sleek, portable, and powerful — and beats some of the best laptops in key areas like display and battery life. The addition of the S Pen is only the icing on the cake.



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Bob Brymer says:

I think you missed the point of the screen being used as a tablet and having to hold it without activating any icon or app. That said it is smaller when used in laptop mode. Tomato – Tamato!

Jonerri juseppi says:

Great video brother!!!thanks much!!!u pretty much explained oled and qled for my search in one quick.anyways,can it light game pub g?(the little brother-alpha flexbook model)?thanks…

AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople says:

I have it. I love it.

Nomster Dude says:

"it's on the track pad so you can't use the track pad when you charge your device, maybe it would have made more sense to put it on the lid"

But… Then you can't use the laptop :/

Just get an extra mouse lol…

Edmondson Avenue says:

Galaxy Book Flex Vs Galaxy Chromebook? Which is better?

Narendra Modi says:

Send it to India

Joe Barton III says:

Do a versus battle between the Dell XPS13 and the Galaxy Book Flex

TNTFragz says:

Does my note 20 s pen work with the flex?

David Alvarracin says:

I heard that the microphone on this device isnt so great, is that true?

Gaming Adda says:

Samsung is keep working in laptop series great

Emilio Favorite Music says:

Man, you forgot to mention that, its screen shakes, and shakes very bad…

Ruslan Kim says:

"Its just to small and flimsy" every guy felt that .___.

Joy Miller says:

How come nobody talks about galaxy phone users perks with this?

Philippe Rostin says:

Congratulations on 13 minutes without mentionning it folds completely and the chin then makes sens ! Totally biaised report. I have a Spectre 360 4k 15 inches and I change it for the Samsunf flex because the hp is a piece of shit that heats up more than the room radiator, has this bs diamond cut that prevents you to use any usb c plug unless its has thin as an end month, tons of hp bloatware, very slow ssd, very bad pen, very thick and heavy compare to this one, etc….. I do understand you tech guys propably dont get as much money or freebies from Samsung than from the others, but you could at least try to be neutral, wich you are not at all.

Philippe Rostin says:

You could at least have tried to be neutral in the keyboard comment by properly aligning the 2 machines screen to screen ! Your ONE inch is already quiet visible in the back as you very evidently put the Samsung one inch closer to you !

Waseem 5500 says:

This laptop looks great but my problem is the logo.. Why the logo is on the left corner instead of the middle?? In the middle looks better

Ano Jan says:

Hi, can it plat 4k videos smoothly?.

Farhan Haque says:

I am looking to buy one mostly for drawing.
How is the s pen? It looks too small to draw comfortably.
Could you please tell me your experience with the s pen?

Jiho Lee says:

may i ask how much is this laptop.

Mihail Ivanov says:

I can see myself watching videos on the book flex with the galaxy buds+ on while charging the case on the track pad.

Guadalupe Rivera says:

Knit picking means it’s a great product.

Er Wynn Kok says:

I think the bottom bezel is so you have somewhere to grab while in tablet mode, not so much to match the size for adding the s-pen.

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