Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15 Review

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Galaxy Book Flex (affiliate link: ) is the latest convertible 2 in 1 laptop by that comes with the S-Pen packed in. And it might be the best experience I’ve had drawing on a Windows tablet convertible. The only down side is that oLED screen is only HD (1920 x 1080) but it still looks good because it’s so bright. The S-pen uses Wacom’ drivers so it’s a fantastic drawing experience too.

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Staedler Stylus:
Tab-s4 s-pen:






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Brad Cowboy says:

Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 daysThe Samsung

Winnie Ninlaara Mogeri says:

Flex it on your co-workers

George R says:

I just bought the galaxy book Flex Alpha 13.3" mine has the i7 processor 12 gigs of RAM 512 hard drive… Just paid $799 for it, I guess I got a pretty good deal? I wish I could have got the 1 with the S Pen but it was $1100 bucks on black Friday deals

George R says:

I just bought mine from Best Buy and it has 12gb of ram 512 SSD and i7 processor mine is the silver α version tho.. I have a DJI drone can anyone tell me if I can edit videos and photos with this computer?? I'm just beginning in computers & drones I don't know much yet lol

Nazareth434 says:

is this an android too like acer spin? Can i run android apps on it?

Aakash Naskar says:

Which phone and laptop do you use brad ??

Bobby McCants says:

At 10:25 what app is that?

Nitro Bandit says:

You don't see to many reviews for this using photoshop or photo editing, but this laptop is legit for those purposes

Alexey Yegorov says:

We need a review of notebook, it doesn’t matter how it draw or not

Francy _e says:

Heeeelp ! I can't decide between this or the ipad pro ! I mostly want to use it for video editing. My bf has the ipad pro its so nice but this is also very nice !

Roslan Roslan says:

All I say thanks alot 🙏 I thought it won't work with other s pen but it dose

Junior Bee says:

What stylus are you using in the video?

OddAndAbout says:

Can you review lenovo yoga c940?

Zane Ketchen says:

Whats the program that is being used in this video? I used penup so far on the flex. Its decent but not enough tools.

Samantha T says:

Can I know the model of the S pen you were using?
It looks more comfortable to hold.

Vincent Keith says:

Excellent review. my current 3 are HP Envy x360 13" (Ryzen 4500U – 16gb), Acer Spin 5 13" and this. That chin makes it easier to hold when you treat it as a flat tablet – keeps your thumb off the touch surface.

Marco Buggio says:

What is the model/brand of the pen used in the video?

Daniel says:

which painting programm are you using?

jewel pree says:

i didnt know this exists!!! i mean it's like a beefed up s7+ .. u can use windows in here and u get a 15in screen! they both set u back for $1400 !!!

Rob Rodgers says:

I'm stuck between the base model surface book 3 and the galaxy flex. They're the same price at the moment and I'll have to buy a pen for both . I'm leaning surface book just bc I've been eyeing them since they came out and I like the tablet.
I'm new to photoshop and have very little experience in illustrator. Mostly, I want to be able to take my current work and be able to clean it up, add text, and start learning digital illustration. I don't do any video or 3D modeling. Besides using it for art, this laptop will be my daily driver but I'm a little less worried about general performance as I'm upgrading from a 7 year old clunker.

H T says:

Check out Gesture sign!!


I need to know can the ssd be upgraded

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