Romance Book Series to Binge

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Hi friends! Today, I am going to be talking about romance book series to binge. There are all kinds of romance books on here such as YA romance, adult romance, and even dark romance. When I was in quarantine back at the beginning of the summer, I just wanted to binge read romance series!

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Romance book series can be some of my favorite books! I have gained so many of these recommendations from my favorite booktubers as well and it was so fun to binge read all of these amazing romance books! I hope you guys enjoy these books as well! I sometimes find that reading romance series in the fall can be so cozy!

Books Mentioned //
☆ The Summer I Turned Pretty:
☆ Thoughtless:
☆ Effortless:
☆ Reckless:
☆ Dark Lover:
☆ Bad Saint (All the Pretty Things):
☆ Fallen Saint:
☆ Forever My Saint:
☆ Maybe Someday:
☆ Maybe Now:
☆ A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR):
☆ Something in the Way:

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Rea Rea Reads says:

What’s your favorite bingeable series? (Doesn’t have to be romance lol)

Riah Charles says:

You should definitely read Never Never by Colleen Hoover…it’s a trilogy but the books are pretty short. These books had me believing in soulmates. I finished all 3 books in one day because it was just so very good.

Halle Diehl says:

The summer I turned pretty was the book that got me to love reading🥺

ivy gracielle says:

Can you recommend books without heavy mature content?? Like light romance? 🙏🏼🥺

Ayisha says:

I was extremely disappointed when I read Something in the way

Gabriela Bianchi says:

Hi, new subscriber here from Puerto Rico. I hope you're well.
God bless, take care + happy reading 🙂
PS: Lover Eternal by JR Ward broke me. lol

Natalia Villarreal Mejia says:

I checked out your channel and subscribed immediately 😉

Andhiya M says:

Definitely going to check out thoughtless after this it sounds awesome!

Cheyann Reads says:

I'm so excited to read the summer I turned pretty it sounds so good 😭

dejasaur says:

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is definitely a great bingeable series! I'm making my way through the first six books and every time I go back into the worlds I get completely sucked in!
Also yes ACOTAR is a must for a binge-worthy series!! I'm making my way through a re-read right now and man I love the way everything progresses across the books :')

Anna the Joyful Reader says:

I made this oath to myself to finish the Throne of Glass Series before reading anything else by Sarah J Maas. But I might just cae and read A Court of Thornes and Roses. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

Abby Salter says:

Im currently rereading ACOTAR in preparation for ACOSF and its just as good as I remember. I am intimidated by how many books are in the Black dagger brotherhood series

bounded and bookmarked says:

OMG YESSSSSS to The Summer I Turned Pretty! I read it earlier this year for the first time and I LOVED it! 🥰 There were so many amazing moments in that book between the actual romance, growing up, the discussion around illnesses, ugh perfection.

Dear Joanna says:

Just subscribed!! I loveeeee your intro, I think it’s so cute! Looking forward to more content from you 💛

hea booktubes says:

This is my first video of yours. 😊♥️🍂

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