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I love Robots

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Thank you for watching! 🙂


Karsten Runquist says:

No Robots (2005) slander will be tolerated in the comment section, thank you very much

Matthew Amade says:

This wasn’t posted on April 1st and now I’m scared

Olly Birkbeck says:

Still a better squad than Suicide Squad.

Aron Turna says:

The films you like are boring you idiot

Aron Turna says:

Youre like an annoying english teacher

Reny Rex says:

Man Robots is such an amazing movie.

S S says:

This reminds me of videogamedunkey's Knack videos.

ShrekTheOgre32 says:

girls lunchtable: omg i think that boy has a crush on me

boys lunchtable:

Isra Saleh says:

The Robots soundtrack in the background makes it 20 times better

karkat_plus_bucket says:

i am so happy to be born the same year as this masterpiece of a film

Snaketooth 09 says:

This reminds me of this:
And now that I think about it, this:

Brennan Jenkins says:

@Nerdstalgic gave you a shout out in his last video, and he thought you seriously liked this movie. Or you are serious and I’m crazy, or he was joking and his sarcasm went over my head. I kind of don’t know what to think anymore.

Sunny DTGM says:

Here just to say this film cannot hold a candle to spirited away

Holly Crowe says:

This movie is so underrated. I love it! And Still have the DVD to this day!

WhoIsDereku says:

Yeah robots is dank as hell m8

Jaluba says:

You know how many times I've watched this movie??…….alot

Jewelz Treasure says:

Gee ERod the Blockbuster Buster hates this movie to no end, he hates it as much as Cat in the Hat, Beastly, Spy and Southland Tales. Guess he's probably wrong about this one.

Brokenz childz says:


Anna Stephens says:

I have intense feelings for this video

Samson VII van Rusland says:

I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not

Starhaven says:

I loved this movie, and I still do! I'm honestly surprised it didn't get a whole bunch of awards
Edit: M'kay, please explain in any fucking way how Rodney is hot, I don't get it. 😂😂😂

Jack Scotchland says:

“Now this is cinema.” — Martin Scorsese

Emily Cunningham says:

I thought aunt fanny was a robot snail with limbs

Gianni Van den Bosch says:

This is the type of movie that you watch one clip of, forget its just a clip and then feel bad when the clip ends – yea i just had this

Gianni Van den Bosch says:

My recommendations completely read my thoughts.

Magic Man says:

I was born in 2005 and I 100% agree that Robots was the best thing to come out of that year

SpektrumMod 49 says:

This movie actually frightened me when I was a kid.

Triton 64 says:

"Robots is the movie that inspired me to write the bible"
-Albert Einstein


That was not ratchet that was his mom madam gasket

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