Reading YOUR Horror Recs 👻 [spooky reading vlog]

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Here is the secret TBR I’ve been working on for the last week or so. Thanks to everyone who recommended me these books. 🙂 This video was such a fun one to make and I found a new all time favorite.

My friend Raine I mentioned:

The horror recommendations video I made:

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books mentioned:
brother – ania ahlborn
heart shaped box – joe hill
the ruins – scott smith
kill creek – scott thomas

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La Di-Da says:

Just LOVE watching you Gabby.
Loved your reactions too 😊😊😊
BTW I still do my hair the way you did it in high school 😋

Daniel Merka says:

I’m a republican but I still love your vlogs!

chiliwood says:

Hello, you should read Wilda Silva, Secret Keeper. It’s a fantasy book written for middle school kids or teens who have parents with
substance abuse issues. It’s is enlightening and full of action! This is a book by an African American author.

Levi Spinks says:

Omg love love horror/thriller reading vlogs 😊😊

Tisaya says:

What’s the song in between? I know it comes from a kid show, but don’t remember the name.😩

Johnsdale says:

When you started reading in the bath i almost had a anxiety attack because i thought u were gonna drop the book in the water

Bag Dell says:

Just finished reading Kill Creek! What a book! And that ending? What? Why?! No way!

desertrosereads says:

See… I haven’t tried any other Joe Hill for the opposite reason as you. I read NOS4A2 last year and absolutely loved it – one of my favorite books of all time. So that makes me really nervous to try more by him because I’m afraid I won’t like it as well. 😂

Kara Marie says:

Joe Hill -nah. Not in love with him. Wanted to love him cuz he's Stephen King's son, but he just doesn't do it for me!

Viv Vi says:

Does summerween have a social media account

Ruthiane says:

KILL CREEK is haunted house story done right.

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