Reading Nook & Bookshelf Tour✨ || 2021

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it’s been way too long since i’ve done a bookshelf tour, so i hope you guys enjoy!

Some links I found:
The colorful UK editions of City of Bones (and all of TMI is on Book Depository in these editions as well):
This is the website for the Throne of Glass dust jackets (there are also HP ones). Currently as of this video going up they’re sold out, but I’ve seen them restock before:

If there’s anything else you want links to, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to find it!


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Faith Evans says:

me sees intro knows i am already gonna like her based on candle,book,chair,pillow,squishmallow🤣

Brynn Hollenberger says:

my first versions of percy jackson books are seriously destroyed

ATM says:

I have a pretty small shelf due to space and it has six shelves. So the top shelf is all my novels that aren't by Rick Riordan, the second and third shelves are all my Rick Riordan books (all five series and most of the short story/extra books), the fourth shelf is all my kids books/comic books that I still have and love to read if I have 15 minutes to spare, and the bottom two shelves are all my other random books that I have that I don't want to get rid of, but also don't read that often. I also organize by series within each shelf.

Keira Lopez says:

where did you get your bookshelves from?

tea with lea says:

I love your collection, your shelves look so pretty! Your color ordered shelves are the prettiest I've probably seen ♡ and I love Nimona, read it last month and it was so good!

kathleen browne says:

Can your friend make me a book with my name? how much? I'm creating my book nook

Nasailf Nasailf says:

Name library books

Becca's Book Nook says:

I just wanna say that I am SO HAPPY that you pronounce Manon's name like that!! So many people pronounce it Ma-NON if you get what I mean lol. But that just made me really happy

Vaishali 14 says:

maybe Percy decided to just give up instead of going through all of the trouble because he's so done with it and now he's hiding in the corner

Sweet_T_ Reads says:

It’s so pretty but it would drive me crazy not to have all the series together. I organize by ya, adult, middle grade, religious fiction and non-fiction. Than is by authors last name. If I have more than one book by the author it’s is series order and/or alphabetical order of the book name. Does that make since? Lol

Khloe McCullough says:

where are the shelves from?

Lola Cao Rey says:

I adore your channel soooo much!❤️
Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷

Jenny A says:

I think my oldest ARC is from like 2017 or 2018, so I get you 😂

Franziska von lesemaedchen says:

I love your shelves! Mine are organized by color

Teresa Harris says:

I really appreciate the beauty of the teal/blue shelves since those are my favorite colors too. My books are also arranged due to colors. I realized I don't have purple spine books because most of them are LGBT books, which aren't what I read because they're all aimed at a younger audience. I did get The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley, in a LitJoy YA crate and it does read like it was meant for 13 year olds.

Julie Englefaris says:

The way you pronounce Manon makes me twitchy lol

Rana Abdelwahed says:

awe i feel bad for the lil lightning thief. it looks so sad back there😂and my organization method is a lil odd I guess, the top half of my shelves are the 'pretty half' and they're arranged by color and stuff but when I get new books I just cram them into the lower half of my shelves which are just so mismatched and disarranged😂

La L says:

Where is your reading chair from? So cute ❤️

Nothing better than a good book says:

At first I thought the 'sea of monsters' book 34:22 said 'sex of monsters' on it and it had me confused for a second. 😂 Very very beautiful bookshelf tour btw! I loved it!😍 I watched a lot and this was one of my favourites.

Margaret James says:

Usually by Series by author or subject..📚📑

Cade Gillingham says:

Colour coding – Love it! But what would stress me out is when you get to a series that have different colours covers, what do you do then, separate or just ignore the colour coding. I need to keep the series together. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Rachel Fisher says:

Oh no your book fell down the back! 🥺

Rachel Fisher says:

So Ashley you totally remind me of my friend Casey and your best friend is called Casey! How funny! 😄

Ashleigh Pratt says:

Seriously love that chair. Where is it from?!
Love your chanel. Its so calming

Sarah Willhite says:

My new favorite booktuber

jea reads says:

i love this omg!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

loveryotber says:

okay what is middlegrade?

TheStine2000 says:

So pretty! 😍
I have a TBR-shelf that are organised by color, and then two other shelves organised by genre and height 🙂

Elliot J says:

8:17 I NEED those editions of The Mortal Instruments!!!

Readers Sea says:

i love your shelf set up!! i will be doing a shelf set up video soon in a couple months bc i am moving in march!

right now my shelves are series & common authors together and the rest are by color

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