RAW (2017) New Horror Movie Review

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This week we’re looking at Julia Ducournau’s RAW, the coming-of-age cannibalism shocker that stars Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, and Rabah Nait Oufella. Does it live up to its film festival notoriety?

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This week’s book recommendation was Livia Llewellyn’s ENGINES OF DESIRE (link: http://amzn.to/2mUH7Bj) and FURNACE (http://amzn.to/2mzHqyZ).

If you wanted to give the new edition of EXPONENTIAL that’s here: http://amzn.to/2mA3yZS

I mention him in the video, but if you’d like to read Dan Tabor’s interview with the director, check that out over at Geekadelphia here: http://bit.ly/2mA2Agc


Jon Greenleaf says:

The bean movie

stalcinuxoxo says:

dont konw what u mean ? the movie is boring , i miss movies like inside

Jorge Andrade says:

If this movie were an American production, it wouldn't be so overrated as it is.

A simple pretentious movie that relies on nude shots and gore to get its popularity.

criminal one says:

we just saw a slasher called one night of fear on amazon hd was pretty cool would like to see your take

Anai Bendai says:

I'm a 17 year old male and I watched this film with my grandma and I deeply regretted it after a while. Holy shit. When the dog starts licking at her pussy – I was like… man this was really the wrong movie to watch with my grandma.

MissCurlyHair says:

Had to watch it by myself cause no one could sit through the whole movie with me sigh

Deadly Pouliche says:

I love your take on the movie, good job reviewing it with all the emotions involved.

Poyni Desai says:

Any idea if it's online?

napoleon yong says:

basically tokyo ghoul? without weird super powers and contact lenses

Jirou Lierge says:

You make it sound very boring.

Bee Diamant says:

where can i even watch this movie?? i can't find any movie listings, dvds, or streaming options?

Hunter Shea says:

Loved this! Might be my favorite of the year so far.

Uber_Fre4k says:

Just got back from seeing it and i really enjoyed it! 😀

Imogen Asenath says:

Lol "butchered" names

Jimmy Liljestrand says:

I passed out 40 mins in

Mayor of R'lyeh says:

Adam, thanks for the great review. Will definitely have to check it out. Kinda sounds like it might be a great companion to "Trouble Every Day" (2001) by Claire Denis. If you haven't seen it, make sure you check it out!

Kid 77 says:

hey there, Adam. great job with the video. and it's funny that you mentioned Exponetial because a few days ago I watched a guy on you tube review your book and he spoke very highly of it.


rob balboni says:

hi adam   by your description this film sounds pretty intriguing and intense. will have to check it out for sure and see for myself .  good books also that you have recommended .   thanks         rob

rowan sands says:

I am really excited for this one. I was just going to see it vod- but after hearing you talk about it I think I might have to make a trek. I'm a country librarian, but I live close enough to a college town where they will be showing this. Have you seen In My Skin? It is a French film from about 15 years ago about a woman who self cannibalizes? It is really gross, and also super sad. Worth a look. I love livia Lewellyn. I just recently reread some stories in Furnace. I also just finished Fever Dream by Samantha Schweblin, which is not horror but super unsettling and great. She is Argentinian, which is new for me. I do not know too much about Argentina, so I am probably missing whole textual levels, but I still really enjoyed it.

Alexandria Vaun says:

Is this at all like Green Inferno? I can't wait to see this. Too bad it's not playing here yet. Great review as always Adam!

Jordan M. says:

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS FILM!!!! (ik that sounds fucked up but it's a very awesome looking horror movie.) i made a mini "trailer" for RAW and it would be really cool if you could check it out. sorry if I'm annoying lol. But back on topic of the film: this movie is hypnotizing in a way. It has some really cool cinematography and at times reminds me of the neon demon in a way. btw, i love the way you describe things in this video. you have a very cool vocabulary. you now have a new subscriber. 😊. btw the lead actress is so incredibly convincing in JUST the trailer. OMG. the way she stares and her presence all together is just this girl you feel scared for. i can't wait to see this film. sorry I'm blabbing lol.

Shira says:

great review! 🙂 looking forward to watching this

Kimberley Sze says:

Hey I'm frist and I Watch your Vlogs some times

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