Ramadan Reads | My Top Islamic Books & Podcasts

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Let me know your favorite books and podcast for Ramadan in the comments below!

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Books mentioned

Purification of the heart: https://www.amazon.ca/Purification-Heart-Symptoms-Spiritual-Diseases/dp/1929694156/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1X303LZX45V2W&keywords=purification+of+the+heart&qid=1556642540&s=books&sprefix=purification%2Cstripbooks%2C183&sr=1-1
In the footsteps of the prophet

The message of the Quran https://www.amazon.ca/Message-Quran-Muhammad-Asad/dp/1904510000

Podcasts can be found on Spotify
Yasmine Mogahed, Muslim Central
Mindful Muslimah Speaks


Natasha Mohammed says:

I really like your personality Daniela, you are very down to earth MashAllah❤️

Rubina Ahmed says:

Love your book suggestions ❤ 💕 Jzk! Thank you also for the podcast suggestions too 😀

Afra NUR says:

You should listen to Honest tea talk, it's three women talking about the taboos in islam and are non judgmental, they talk about the issues in our ummah

Fatima Sohail says:

Can you do a recommendation for Muslim teen girls? I'm having problems in like learning women in Islam and I can't find a decent book so please do that.

Syed Abul Hassan says:

Hi there good news for every lady of Islam I'm going to give link down here from where every lady can get right information about ladies issues related to Islam.




Especially for ladies miscellaneous issues


Alouly Truth says:

Jazakum Allah khair for the suggestions and incase your audience dont know where get these books….check out the best online islamic book store:

Asadullah TV. BD says:

Dear sister, i also make videos islamic pdf books
from Bangladesh

misbah ailia says:

Danela, is the answer to some Muslim"s who assume that non-hijabi's, don't take Islam seriously. Or haven't got enough knowledge compared to hijabi's. Lemme tell you, I'm a hijabi myself and I learn a lot from other's regardless of clothing. Whether it's Islamic knowledge, Seculer knowledge, or just their life experience's. 💁‍♀️

Teresa Hernández Fernández says:

Thank u Daniela!! ❣️ me ha encantado el vídeo, Gracias! Feliz Ramadán

Aisha x says:


Zahra Redvan says:

You mean the “Explanation of the Translation”

M F says:

Watching this before ramadan 2020♥

S H says:

Watching your video as Ramadan is in a weeks time and I’m soo excited for this time of year. Will definitely be listening to the podcasts recommended

Author: Rahima Islam says:

Assalamu alaykum sis
Would you be interested in reviewing my books. Please do get in touch.

Omar says:

You read HamzaYusuf book?? I really feel sorry for you right now. Hamza Yusuf is a grave worshiper! He only has copied what other genuine Islamic scholars have written likes of ibn Taymiyyah. He has written a book similar to hamza yusufs centuries ago. So if youREALLY want to learn about Islam, you should check his books. Please investigate, stop reading the material of grave worshipers.

Salam Y'all says:

Have you listened to the Joy Jots podcast by Anse Tamara Gray?

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