Precious: Based on the Novel Push – Sapphire Interview

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Sapphire, author of the novel PUSH, talks about writing the book and the making of the film.


Isa Alfadel says:

Yooooo who can help me with an analysis of the book "push" much appreciate it reallyyyy 🥺🥺

Joe Dunphy says:

Was this interview based on the novel Push by Sapphire?

NEMO says:

I’ve often wondered about those “monsters”, the survivors of such painful experiences in their lives that parts of them can never again belong to regular folks. The Holocaust survivors, the winter march of the American Native, the slave ships carrying thousands of souls suffering, the tragedies of war, the raping of children by family members. All those secrets, quietly tucked away deep within our minds. Only to be stirred within our souls by occasionally being reminded through sight, smell, voice, music. But most of us just absorb the pain. Never quite fitting in, preferring silence, nature, music, art, creativity to heal the wounds. It requires Christ to show us true Love.

Zach Alexander says:

Who else is here from “the office”?

David Storm says:


David Storm says:

LOL u fool Push By Sapphire is called realistic Fiction!! smh u dam fool THIS SHIT IS BASED ON PUSHING POOR IMAGES OF BLACK PEOPLE IT IS ALL FICTION

 Rating: 4.5 – ‎444 votes – ‎$11.00Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire, directed by Lee Daniels and written by … one of the most disturbing and realistic works of Fiction that I have ever read.

Fiction Book Review: Push by Sapphire, Author Knopf …

Publishers WeeklyWith this much anticipated first novel, told from the point of view of an illiterate, brutalized Harlem teenager, Sapphire (American Dreams), a writer affiliated with …

PUSH by Sapphire (fiction) by Lynteisha Hampton on Prezi


PreziNov 15, 2013 – PUSH by Sapphire (fiction) Lynteisha Hampton 1st Hour 11/5/13. Characters Clarice "Precious" Jones Mrs. Lichenstein Mr. Wicher Ms. Butter

Иван Худяков says:

She is so beautiful and charming!!! Such wonderful smile.

Dank951 says:

Yes. Miss Rain can be interpreted as Sapphire's literary extension.

rocketmail217881755 says:

Sapphire is such a beautiful woman and a gifted author! I thought the 'Precious' Sapphire writes about in 'Push' is much, much taller (around 6'7") and bigger (about 400-450 lbs.) than the 'Precious' played by Gabourey Sidibe…Perhaps there were no extremely tall and large girls available with the talent of Gabourey Sidibe…Anyway, may Sapphire always be blessed!

Zaire hart says:

@thugz00 so she is the chracter Blue Rain in real life. thats grate i wish some people would stop making that a big deal people should more focause on the humabeings craft witch is there gift insted of there sexuality, gender and exsetra.

Nils Svensen says:

What happened to this dude? Was he in a fire or get hit by a semi-trailer. I feel so sorry for people who are put on display just to amuse us like Gabourey and this guy. Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of the physically handicapped and calling it entertainment.

toxedo911 says:

@2:06 she says wanted someone young and light on their feet, then she says she was never on the set but she new sibodey was "perfect for the role", … sibuodey is niether young (26, does not look like a 15year old), and she can hardly be decribed as light footed, people, this is a piss take of a movie, do you not see it!!!!

In The Mix Radio says:

She do and she hate herself too.

lisatina69 says:

I agree 100% . I hate these kind of black movies. Crapping on black men. A Color Purple is another one.

In The Mix Radio says:

If there's any movie featuring a black cast,I'm curious about the content of the story and whose directing and producing it.There are black people in hollywood who I have problems with like Lee Daniels who had a hand in Monster's Ball and Precious.That crap called The Blind Slide was the male version of Precious and I'm sure a white person called the shots on that horrible movie pimping a negative black image.

girlyProff says:

@mightyblack1 to be honest i didnt, i just saw an extremely unfortunate case. i think we should pay attn to the issue and the message and not the colour of the person who is showing them to us..

In The Mix Radio says:

That's not fair,hell she might be a nice lady.

In The Mix Radio says:

Damn,if you can't see all the different stereotype images of our people from hollywood and from the media.

girlyProff says:

@mightyblack1 how do you think we've been tricked… i'm curious

In The Mix Radio says:

Black women you been tricked by this book and this movie and it's target at you about,damn are you sistas cool with that.

precious chanelle says:

no.. but you also cant make up a story like that..but its not based on a true story

ladyrt23 says:

@VataniGia: According to Sapphire, it was a collaboration of cases she saw as a social worker and teacher. In a sense, everyone knows a Precious from the incest, low self esteem, teen pregnancy, poverty, and more.

VaTani Gia says:

ok soooo the novel and the movie isn't based on true story then right?

sista005 says:

Wow. So this is Sapphire!

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