Pontypool Horror Movie Review

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Very Psychologically Thrilling , Fantastic Concept, Great Casting !

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Excellent film. Stirs up the imagination the way the greatest Hitchcock films stir up uneasiness and terror without resorting to cheap visual gimmicks or gore.

Undead EAS Productions Version 2.0 says:

Only 8 years late to watch this video (never heard of the YouTube channel, I unintentionally found it) but this was a fairly good video. I watched the movie several times and read the book several times.

Marc Bell says:

Great script, idea, acting and casting all on a low budget. W S Burroughs said language is a virus.

DRAshley1980 says:

Spreading the word as we speak. But this film seem more intent on dividing audiences rather than conquering. Maybe because it's sold as a zombie movie when it clearly isnt one

DRAshley1980 says:

Just when I think you're going to miss the point, you backtrack and hit the nail on the head. Well done giving this movie justice, it really is a favourite of mine

Absolutesublime1 says:

Hey, yeah it was awesome, more people need to check it out. Glad you liked it as well 🙂

Tucker Debord says:

All my god I can't beleave sum one did a review on this I loved this but I didint thinke any one hade Sean it

Absolutesublime1 says:

hahaha fair enough, I liked the unique concept, a very cerebral horror film

brad simon says:

Great movie

Absolutesublime1 says:

I wouldn't go that far, but I do love Pontypool, one of my favorites of recent years for sure. Hope more people check it out, very atmospheric and creepy.

Michael Ray says:

I completely agree best horror movie of this Centuary

Absolutesublime1 says:

Definitely agree! Really lets the viewer's imagination take over. Incredibly atmospheric film, hope more people check it out.

lex7100 says:

i think at the end they might be referring to the new world order, he speaks about patience running thin in this present day establishment, breaking out stealing letting the world figure out what is black (false) and white(truth). notice how the background changes from black/white to color. they change their identities (names) or their new roles in this order. and she asks where and he answers to a new place that is not there YET. to steal the loot in the free world, then he shushes her (silent)

Absolutesublime1 says:

Wow very clever , did you come up with that all by yourself?

Absolutesublime1 says:

Thanks, I have checked out Dead Air, I didn't like it nearly as much as Pontypool, but I do enjoy Bill Mosley. I agree I like the concept of being in the radio station with the world going to crap, Dead Air mixed it up more and went out into the world a lot which I think took away from the mystique and atmosphere but still an enjoyable watch.

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