Pet Sematary Movie Review: Stephen King Classic Finds New Life

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Pet Sematary Movie Review (SXSW 2019)

Perri Nemiroff and Haleigh Foutch review the new Pet Sematary movie at SXSW 2019. The Stephen King adaptation is directed by Starry Eyes filmmakers Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer. Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.

The movie also stars Jeté Laurence, Obssa Ahmed, Alyssa Brooke Levine and Leo as Church the cat! Pet Sematary hits theaters nationwide on April 5th, 2019.

Catch Perri and Haleigh’s thoughts on the film in this Pet Sematary movie review! Also, be sure to check out new episodes of their show, The Witching Hour, every Tuesday on the Collider Factory Feed. Simply search for “Collider Factory” wherever you get your podcasts.

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Lita Keaton says:

The movie too me still didn't hold up to the original and to be honest it was a bit dull in comparison. Anyway I love my horror movies and anything Stephen King.

Anthony Morales says:

I just wanted to let you two know that I will exclusively only watch your horror film reviews from now on. Perri and Haleigh are two of the only critics I agree with when it comes to horror, you two just get the genre and have deep knowledge of all the different sub-genres of horror.
I just watched Pet Sematary yesterday and absolutely loved it, I agree with everything you two had to say in your review, I love a good atmospheric horror film. I’m very surprised that so many professional critics think this pales compared to the original, I at least know I can rely on your honest and knowledgeable reviews.

Chris Stewart says:

This video should be retitled “Perri reviews Pet Sematary and allows occasional input from her co-host”

Jesus. Let Haleigh get a word in.

Red Hot Chili Peppers man says:

So I just saw this movie and boy it was pretty bad!! The actors acted like they were literally reading off cue cards.. no emotion and nothing interesting about them. The guy who played Pascow had some bad acting and was executed so poorly. The transitions to the next scene were so abrupt and poorly done. The last 20 mins or so were supposedly the "good" parts but still wasn't done great at all. The camera was so zoomed up half the time you didn't know what was going on. Zelda wasn't even remotely terrifying as the original. And the ending was so stupid! This remake is a great reason they shouldn't always remake some films. No heart at all went into this. The original was 10 times better!

jorge mora says:

I think their fandom won in their judgement, I think is an OK film. A lot of plot points didn't develop enough, a few times cheesy dialogs and a few plotholes as well.

Eduardo Bonifaz says:

Nice review, would love to watch a spiler review. The movie is good to me, plays with emotions, made me feel ver upset sometimes and has really scary scenes. The scene when undead Ellie and her father share the bed is really upsetting. The ending is very disturbing, I would not compare it with the first movie that is in my oppinion a classic and a cult film.

Nicholas Lazas says:

Clearly, they didn't see the same movie I did.

Loch121 says:

Movie was average with a great ending .I like the og better

Nelson queeseso says:

I watched their review about La Llorona before this one about Pet Sematary, and this is not giving me a good hope for La Llorona. I think Pet Sematary kind of sucks. Andd they are giving it a better review and scores than La Llorona. 😯😔😕🙁😥

Factual Opinion says:

Add it to my small list of movie adaptions that are better than the book.
There was a few things I was hoping the movie will do from the book like the wendigo & do a proper take on the timmy baterman story which came off as cheesey & dumb in the 80s adaptation.
But like hereditary, it did a great job building up. That ending tho 👀💀

uknow who says:

Any reviewer worth their salt would leave the festival and then give their critique with a clear mind. This was not a quality film.

Ronald Smeton says:


John Cassidy says:

Please, Please watch the first one. It had good acting but it should have been a sequel to it and not tried to reboot the classic.

Scott Summers says:

I really wonder what made them love this. Its currently 61% on RT and some YT critics did not like it.

Rohan Sharma says:

Looking forward to see this movie. Looks good.

Allan Alberts says:

Movie was just o k, Perri and Haleigh are hyping this up way to much. Movie felt like an episode of a tv show like black mirror. Was good but nothing special 6/10

Jose V says:

so glad i didnt watch that Final trailer before the movie!

Modern Day Masterpiece says:

I can see why this movies RT score has dropped down to 64%. I didn't really like it too much at all. It will undeniably divide audiences.

Ente de ficción says:

The thin girl doesn't let the other girl talk.
Jesus Christ!!!!

Richard Jarvi says:

I wanted to love this movie so much, cause i heard positive buzz, but i could barely give this a 2/5.. Fair warning, i havent seen the original nor read the book. This had all the predictable beats and this movie did nothing new. It seemed to heavily rely on cheap jump scares. Maybe that’s my problem, that i dont appreciate old school type of horror.. although IT sure was magnificent.. i am having hard trouble seeing how people love this. Is it the nostalgia?

Phil Hibberd says:

Christ it’s like being stuck in a lift with a couple of cheerleaders

Mustafa Ali says:

Jason Clark looks like David Fincher.

Feline Fatale says:

I may see "Pet Sematary 3" on April 5

Adam Archer says:

I haven't seen the movie, but I'm glad they changed the focus from Gage to Ellie. One of the biggest problems I had with the original was finding Gage especially dangerous. Transferring it to the older child I think will work a lot better. The weekend of April 5th will be a busy one for me. Shazam opening night, Pet Sematary the night after.

Horrornado says:

Is it better than the original…which I thought was hilarious.

Mark Godleman says:

Starry eyes was great can't wait for this.

Ian Smart says:

Also, HELL YEAH, glad Amy Seimetz gets stuff to do. SHE'S CONSISTENTLY AMAZING.

Upstream Color
The Girlfriend Experience (she writes, directs, and acts on that AMAZING show)
Sun don't shine (as director and writer)
Directed some great episodes of ATLANTA
Myth of the American Sleepover
All her indie work with ADAM WINGARD and JOE SWANBERG

She was even involved with the first feature films of BARRY JENKINS and LENA DUNHAM.

Easily one of my faves. I'm only gonna see this to see her be great.

Ian Smart says:

I didn't watch the 2nd trailer to this movie because I heard it was spoilery. I saw finally when I went to see US in theaters and WOW.

One of the most "show you everything up until the reveal" trailers I had ever seen. Truly awful work, but it looks good tho.

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