Pet Sematary – By Stephen King -Review

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My review of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. A terrifying tail written by America’s greatest horror author.

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Daniel Greene says:

WoTTalk Coming tomorrow!

Greg Alman says:

Why do you pronounce Louis ("Lew-is")as if it were the female name Louise? :p

Joe and the Movies says:

Pet Semetary is the first Stephen king book I read. It still stands as my favorite. Great review!

John McCormick says:

The soil of a mans heart is stonier Louis

Lexi Eve says:

At the very emd when the dad is in psychosis going over the boundary again, I feel is the best depiction of insanity in word form!

Lexi Eve says:

Possibly my favorite King book!

William Knipp says:

When I first read this book I had finally started dealing with the loss of my son. Very hard especially the funeral home scene. The second time I read this book was after my dad passed and it was… Even worse cause he was the one who helped me through loss of my son. This review is spot on. If you haven't had the loss it's not the same.

SacredBurn0ut says:

So far as I'm reading this book, I wouldn't say I am a stranger to death, as I have lost some loved family in my life, but I cannot say I know the pain of loss of someone who is very very close to me. I can only imagine what that pain of that person being ripped from your life suddenly would feel like. But I do understand the fear and anxieties that come from being a parent. That alone terrifies me knowing what happens in the story. And the thoughts and emotions that King is making me question and acknowledge is scary as well.

Valentin Ivanov says:

1 minute into the video you let out a spoiler

PerfectCell71 says:

“when someone is torn out of your life…” strong, very accurately and articulately worded .. amazing video

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