Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, a graphic memoir.

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Ding Wong says:

0:29 gives preview Two days later vid gets taken down for copyright… :c

Panic Shah says:

What’s the author purpose for this book?

DrewCashEmOut says:

Does anyone have a good theme- ( the message of the story)

helen berhanu says:

I just finished reading it and I loved it so much.


👍Хорошая книга! I from Russia

CR34T1VE says:

I wish there was not a stigma about calling this a "comic book" it should diminish its quality. I think it was a very well written creative non fiction book!!! I LOVED IT and I am reading it in high school atm!

Neb ular says:

boi I came here to pass a test

Mohamed Cherchar says:

lol this was my summer reading book for fresh man year

Rowan Moses says:

Educating yourself is good and so is being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is something society feels uncomfortable with. So you have an education system that is uncritical and not genuinely challenging. It is vague and superficial (in India atleast) with functional ends. In short so many systems are out there to rob people of their autonomy. Modernity with all its idealism is just not enough…All of us have to figure out lives on our own, be open to every form of diversity and nurture empathy if we really have to progress to a common future.

I loved the review! Thanks!

eviljoejr sam says:

Your the worst

katrinaxx says:

This is the first video of you that I have watched and I immediately subscribed.

AJ says:

has anyone read fear of flying erica jong?? Thoughts on that book??

Juliet Hope Wayne says:

So true! The smartest (and therefore also the funniest) person I know dropped out of school in 9th grade for personal reasons. He lived in his car and made a point to educate himself. It's always impressed me how proactive he was about reading and learning even when he didn't have the advantage of a home and formal education.

Dope Librarian says:

My favorite book!

lindaeatsworld says:

Next year when I'm not trying to sprint, I think I'm going to try Reading Lolita in Tehran.

lindaeatsworld says:

One of my best friends is Persian and goes to Tehran every year and I really appreciated that connection while reading this. I felt like I can see her family more clearly now.  

Kathleen Ann says:

I am thrilled because I already have this one on my list so I will plan to read soon. I have read a fair amount about the Iranian revolution so am interested in her perspective.

WeLiveforBooks says:

Excellent! Now I want to read it again!!! 

TheThriftyReader says:

If you enjoyed this Ashley then you may like Circumstance. It's quite a controversial film set in post-Islamic Revolution present-day Iran through the eyes of two girls. It's a bit harrowing but very well done.

Aline Aimee says:

Nice review! What books about feminismo do you recommend?

M H says:

New pic for profile:  .I liked Nancy Drew, especially these older books, but  maybe the pic is a bit misleading because you review books for older readers. 

nicole is here to learn says:

I've wanted to pick up Persepolis for aaages, but since I've already watched the film (which I loved!), I kept putting off buying the book in favour of picking up completely new stories…I mean I imagine there is some stuff in the book(s) that weren't included in the film but, in any case, I think I would just love to have the physical copy of the work.

Andy McKinney says:

Sounds like a great read but I looked it up and it's quite expensive. I may borrow it from the library first.

Caitlin Vanasse says:

I loved Persepolis when I read it in high school but I really loved hearing the way you analyzed it and identified the themes.  Great review!

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