Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Is THE WORST Movie Adaptation Of All Time

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So many questions for you: what’s your favourite Percy Jackson book? Who’s your favourite character? How much do you hate this film? How excited are you for the Disney+ series? Let me know in the comments section down below!

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The Devil Of HK says:

Did anyone else feel like Artemis Fowl was worse?

Maleah Gossai says:

i watched this movie after reading the books, having high hopes as i've watched and read Harry Potter

i watched the movie, continuously saying "they changed Annabeth's hair and eyes!" to my dad

then, THEY CHANGED THE ENTRE VILLAIN!!!!!!! it was originally Aries, and then it's LUKE? i men, i know luke was bad and all, but wtf?! i hate the movie and i have never seen the second one, and i hope i never will

i also hope disney makes a better series than these movies, because Percy Jackson needs to redeem itself



Sophia Muse says:

The fact they cut so much stuff but put a fight from the second book in the first film like come on what are you even doing at this point

Robert Lawson says:

I liked the movie when I saw it, but even then I was like "Okay movie, TERRIBLE adaptation."

Main Gamer says:

Considering you mainly do Disney stuff this is the last thing I expected u to do a video on. But then again it is owned by Disney so I mean…

KryptonGamer says:

Eragon was a horrible movie worse than Percy Jackson

Princess Rojas says:

Ok, so i just got the 5 books of percy jackson and im almost done with the first book and im kina upset to of the movies

mckealla Atkinson says:

I remember watching the movie thinking it was great then reading the 5 books then watched the sea of monsters and thought wait what?!

M o o n c h y ツ ♡ says:

There's something that really annoys me in the movies.


Honestly she shouldn't even be there, it was summer wasn't it? You don't even need to read the books to know Persephone spends like, half the year with her mother Demeter. I feel like the only reason she's there is because of that cheesy kiss scene..
Oh, and I thought Persephone calms Hades down instead of just standing there while her husband turns into this demon thing.

Oh, and why did they have to make Hades

Kitkat Moon says:

I have not yet read the books and I did not realise the plot is so different from the books!

Melanie Cusick says:

Even the things he liked had problems!

Harper Daughtry says:

I watched this movie and even WRINKLE IN TIME is better than it. WRINKLE IN TIME.

I want pancakes says:

Everyone: “Percy Jackson has the worst movie adaption of a book”

Me, a World War Z fan: “Oh honey, trust me, it can be so much worse”

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