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– Book Club Updates & Announcements: 0:50
– Spoiler-Free Review: 2:53
– Spoiler Discussion: – 8:03

The Year of Horror Book Club!

Throughout 2019 we will be reading and discussing some of the most disturbing books of all time. On the last Thursday of every month I will post a review/discussion of that month’s book. In each video I will also showcase the next 2 months’ book club picks.

Want to join in on the discussion?
• Discord group chat –
• Use the hashtag #yearofhorrorbookclub or #yearofhorror on Twitter and Instagram

The Year of Horror Book Club Pics:
• January – We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver
• February – Penpal by Dathan Auerbach
• March – Pet Cemetery by Stephen King
• April – In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami

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ChapterStackss says:

Hello! The first half of this video is a review with NO SPOILERS, but a warning to maybe not read the comments in case there end up being spoilers there 🙂

Kat's Book End says:

Don’t read below if you don’t want to see spoilers.

I don’t scare easily since I am a horror fanatic, but this wasn’t the traditional scare. This was the kind where you think about something in the book and actually thinking about it disturbs you and stays with you. You start to imagine what it would be like. Case in point, how Josh wasn’t able to get away even though his captor was keeping him right in town and not far from his family at all. And how it must have felt being buried alive with a guy on top of you. Its traumatizing to even think of it. The most upsetting was thinking about how the kid’s dad would have to live with the fact that because he had decided to be shady and take advantage of someone, his kid died horribly. The main character said that he hoped the parents would be ok. Um no.I don’t think anyone could stay sane after that and knowing they were responsible for the death of their child.

brittany B says:

I’m pretty sure he used mrs Maggie as a place to kind of like, hide out I guess? Because he knew he could use her mental issues against her and manipulate her? That’s what I took from that! And also I’ve asked Dathan about the bags and he confirmed it was mrs Maggie’s body! (Which you said you knew but at first I wasn’t sure so I asked him 😂)

Cyndi Middleton says:

Around the time Veronica was hit (and told the narrator Josh had run away) I thought it was going to turn it that Josh was the stalker. So the ending was a total shock to me.

Nail Polish Nook says:

I think the police notes were to verify the case happened. The only thing I questioned in this book was the narration of the thoughts and actions (too mature) of a six year old. Not to spoil, but the ending just left me with pain and dread.

CravingBooks says:

In the Miso Soup!!! I read this last month and it's one of my favourite Ryu Murakami books. Hope you enjoy it — there's a lot to unpack.

Slowpoke Reads says:

oooh yay pet sematary!

Lauren N says:

I read pet cemetery back in December!! The ending is great, couldn’t stop thinking of it for a week lol

kay pal says:

Could you review the author Mark tufo

Carissa Quinn says:

I think we had almost identical thoughts on this book. I think in general so much of what worked in the first half of the book for me started to feel stale in the second half. The first half also felt tighter and more edited than the second half as well which didn’t help it. Setting up twist after twist made the second half when everything feels more straightforward feel like I was missing things as well.

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