Parable of the Sower – Scifi REVIEW

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My review of the prolific author Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. A brilliant dystopian sci-fi book.
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Daniel Greene says:

I've had a lot of book 2 spoiled for me due to people a bit too eagerly telling me what is to come. PLEASE try and avoid that for others! Respect the spoilers.


It sounds like neo-communist pamphlet

Lily Oz says:

Thanks for covering Butler! You must read Lilith's Brood / Xenogenesis Trilogy

Black woman reading says:

Read the Xenogenesis trilogy ! (or just Dawn) 🙂

Jotjotzzz S says:

I think it’s pronounced “soo-wer” not “sour” or maybe it’s just me.

Keith Cunningham says:

Man! I’m really glad you enjoyed this book. I agree it’s bleak, but has a lot of hope in it too. Some of the things in the book are terrifying in how much they parallel today. I’d read Lilith Brood before by her and really enjoyed it. I think this book would make an excellent TV series. I want to share this book with as many people as possible, but also kinda want to keep it to myself. Into the talent now.

Iain Delaney says:

I hope you read the next book, "Parable of the Talents". I couldn't touch it, "Sower" disturbed me too much. Apparently, the setting disturbed Butler too much, too, because I've read that she couldn't bring herself to write the third book.

Esther wa Dallas Official channel says:

oekmama says:

There’s a slow octavia Butler readalong on Onyx Pages. Easy entry into her work. Definitely Kindred. That one still has me shook.

Naptural Advice says:

Fledgling is my favorite.

MtheRat says:

I don't remember the last time I was so strongly impacted by a book. This is a book I will make sure my daughter reads.

Hannah J Cattanach says:

I really can't wait to get my teeth into some Octavia Butler! She's been on my tbr for so long

cagney capps says:

Suggest Kindred (after Parable of the Talents)

khalil Edwards says:

1. Patternist series (Wildseed from this series being made into tv show)
2. Kindred
3. Dawn (haven't read but also being made into tv show so I need to read it too)

Michael Celentano says:

Just want to make you aware this exists. This is awesome!!!

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