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A look at my favorite retro horror novels read in 2019! Check the channel page for full-length reviews of all the books mentioned in this video.
Only a rereading of my all time favourite YA fantasy, ACOTAR, bring upon a video about all my favourite YA fantasies. Arguably the best genre when it comes to book. I mean, in my opinion, [More]
Thanks for watching 🙂 Previous fantasy recommendation video: Kristin’s favorite SFF romances: My Book Sleeve Shop: Use code PEACELOVEBOOKS10 for 10% off my shop!  Try Book of the Month and get your [More]
It’s time to dive into the first book I’ve read for the SciFi Fantasy and Weird Exploration. I decided to go classic with one of the big authors of science fiction, HG Wells, and his [More]
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★★★★★|☆☆ This was a goodun. I know it looks like an airport paperback spy novel but it’s so much more! And although I say in the video I’m done with Cold War books this year, [More]
Top 5 Stephen King Books Sleeping Beauties Rose Madder Dreamcatcher Cell The Outsider By Stephen King Book Review
TW: This book deals with child abuse. I share my thoughts on Stephen King’s 2019 release: The Institute. I keep it mostly spoiler free with a clear time stamp for where to skip to in [More]
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the one in which i smack my gum too much (sorry guys), talk about how much i enjoy stephen king books, and fangirl a little over edward lorn’s youtube channel. in all seriousness, if you’re [More]
My spoiler free review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — by Stieg Larsson
In this video I discuss what will happen in the first Season of the Game Of Thrones Spin Off HOUSE OF THE DRAGON according to the books. I also analyze some “LEAKED” information as well [More]
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5 reasons to read The Stars My Destination by Albert Bester. Featuring Sweeney Gray and Trisha Gomez. Produced and edited by Sweeney Gray Help us make the macabre: check out our patreon here
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My reviews of Son Of Frankenstein & Son Of Dracula. Feel free to leave comments and rate the video:)!!!! Thanks for watching:)!!!!
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Un concept révolutionnaire à (re)découvrir sans plus tarder … Version originale : – BOOK Version complète
Looking at some awesome religious items to enhance your Lenten Season, including the New St, Joseph Prayer Book, table crucifix from Bethlehem products and an amazing and beautiful new rosary.
I will be trying various scifi and fantasy books published one year ago (ish!) to discover new authors I enjoy. After chatting with the local librarians It turns out getting all the library books, on [More]
MathomBooks summary and review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s epic space travel odyssey called AURORA. This is a masterpiece of a book, and Jeremy is excited to review it here for you. This review does contain [More]
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En este video recomiendo booktubers que deberías ver (y tal vez no conocías). Son canales que me encantan y quise compartirlos, ¡no duden en visitarlos! Canales mencionados, en el orden en el que aparecen: + [More]
MAN HUNT is the most recently published book of the author PRIYA KUMAR. Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author of 12 Inspirational Books. She is the only Indian author who [More]