Links to books I talked about in this video (These are affiliate links. If you buy through these links, I get a small percentage of the sale): Pet Cemetary Tess D’Uberville Mistborn [More]
Yay, it’s FRIDAY! Everyone did an AMAZING job on their favorite book character drawing. We hope you enjoy seeing your art spotlighted in today’s video. Stay tuned tomorrow, for the next CHALLENGE-TIME. Join our monthly [More]
a robot political thriller betrayal lies and robot death it has every thing you want in peace time with the transformers.
In this video, Ahyan and Affan recommend you the latest book they read. The title of the book is “Who is Pele?” Ahyan mentions about the book and explains why it is worth a read. [More]
Books that I mentioned in my video: 1) Happiness a-z by: Louise Baxter Harmon 2)Warrior of the Light by: Paulo Coelho 3)Ask and it is Given by: Esther and Jerry Hicks
I wanted to share a video like this to meet people who enjoy these books and share and believe in the same beliefs! These books were a blessing too me and a very eye opening [More]
Gay sex meets mystery in the latest revolutionary LGBT book, Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) by L.C. Rosen – and I review this amazing, sex positive book in this video! You can buy the [More] Get a sneak peak inside the best pick up artist book ever written. Learn magic tricks like Mystery does and get an incredible offer by clicking the link above.
This video is about the novel that is often cited as the best selling science fiction book in history, Dune. Dune a book for fans who have read a lot of the genre and are [More]
Save 33% on your first Native Deodorant Pack – normally $36, you’ll get it $24 + free shipping! Click here and use my code CLOCKWORK it’s good to see you all again ♥️ i [More]
Hello , friends,romans,countrymen, lend me your ear ! I thought that I would film a little collection room update for you and also review the Redman Dracula Blue figure that is causing me no end [More]
Hey everyone! Welcome to Mystery Tribune Top 10 series where we introduce you to some of the best crime, mystery and thrillers out there. Today’s we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Best Crime [More]
In this video, we cover the writing mechanic that lies at the heart of all good mysteries: the GAME. A mystery novel is a game between the reader and the writer, who use the detective [More]
★★★ Description ★★★ The Picture of Dorian Gray is about a man who is influenced into leading a life dedicated to pleasure and follows the repercussions of that decision. Dorian befriends two people, Basil and [More]
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Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and here are my top 5 favorite of his novels. Please remember to subscribe to our channel if you enjoy this video and want to see more [More]
What are the scariest books ever written? Stephen King, Scott Smith, Shirley Jackson: these are the writers who can scare the hell out of you! You’ll probably agree that the scariest types of books are [More]
Review and analysis of The White Album by Joan Didion, an essay collection from the 1970s. More Joan Didion essays, memoirs, and novels: 1960s Literature: California Writers: More essay collection recommendations: [More]
For a one stop resource for BLM petitions, donation funds, and resources: BLM Canada – Check this Google doc out for a TON of ways to help (including videos to watch if you [More]
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James Allen – As A Man Thinketh Audiobook “As a Man Thinketh” is a literary essay by James Allen, published in 1903. It was described by Allen as “… dealing with the power of thought, [More]
My spoiler-y review for Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco Thanks so much for watching! _________________________________________________________ LETS BE FRIENDS ON OTHER MEDIAS: BLOG: ( INSTAGRAM: @thestarslisten ( TWITTER: @aniaolmedo ( GOODREADS: PINTEREST: SNAPCHAT: [More]
Review and analysis of An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison. More mental health memoirs: More memoirs from the 90s: More memoirs by women: Follow Climb The Stacks Blog: Twitter: [More]
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The Bottled Imp – Episode 24 Fantasy Book Review. ‘The Iron King’ by Maurice Druon The Imp takes a look at ‘The Iron King’ Book One of The Accursed Kings by Maurice Druon, published by [More]
Fables, the cult hit comic from DC Comics and Vertigo, is finally getting a movie adaptation! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph discusses how Warner Brothers is creating a Fables comic book movie franchise with [More]
Getting lost searching for a solution to the nothing AND getting lost in adaptation? Now that’s just unlucky. For me, this will also be known as: The Neverending Audio Issues and The Neverending Overuse Of [More]
Watch The Full Episode Here : 🎧 Listen To #TheRanveerShow on Spotify : OYO Founder Ritesh Agarwal gives his top 3 book recommendations for the viewers. He tells how did these books had [More]
i forgot to mention that these books didn’t necessarily come out in the last decade, but they’re books that i read during that time. *BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO ARE YA & ARE FOR AGES [More]
Love Sick Interactive Stories : PRETTY SPY 3 chapter : 11 💎 diamonds 💎 app store: google play: instagram: if you want more 🥰 please subscribe to my channel, you follow me [More]
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I finally read these three new horror novels that I was highly anticipating! I read Mexican Gothic, Survivor Song and The Only Good Indians! Mexican Gothic playlist: The last video I did of reading [More]
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