Non Fiction Recommendations – Memoir

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I can’t wait for Non-Fiction November this year so here are some of my favourite non fiction books to get you in the mood.

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Read and Find Out says:

I'm surprised that Brain on Fire wasn't on my TBR, but I've added it now! A House in the Sky sounds right up my alley. I'm reading In Order to Live right now, and it's harrowing.

Imalah Akhund says:

Inheritance by Dani Shapiro and Educated by Tara Westover are really good memoirs too

Imalah Akhund says:

1.Skint Estate
2.Has five openings
3.Brain on fire Susannah Cahalan
4.A house in the sky
5.Smoke gets in your eyes
6.I am Malala
7.In order to live
8.The blue door

Doris Doris says:

Check out 'on chapel sands' by Laura Cummings.

Doris Doris says:

I read blue door after I saw it on your channel, I gave it 5stars too. I read tattooist of Auschwitz after it and although it was good, blue door was so much better.

Sophie Rose says:

Oh i’ve read In order to live and Malala’s Book. They were both very eye opening

ANGELA405 says:

Thanks for sharing the recommendations! I have jotted a few down to look for in future. One of my 5 star non-fiction books is My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, which is the memoir of a brain scientist who had a stroke. It was fascinating to hear about what going through a stroke and the treatment & recovery process was like for someone who studies the brain for a living.

Caroline Steele says:

Some great recommendations thanks for sharing x

hulda2002 says:

Just saw Brain on fire last week. Will look into The house in the sky, have you read When breath becomes air, or 3096 days?

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