New Miniature Elf on the Shelf for Unboxing & Review

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Unboxing and Reviewing the New Elf on the Shelf from American Girl. This American Girl doll Elf on the Shelf is super cute! I really wish American Girl would have included the Elf on the Shelf book though! What do you think?

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Jessica Butterline says:

Im getting one for my b day a normal one

Boss Baby says:

Is the elf on the shelf real

Sherrie Roderick says:

Your elf is a girl.

Doreyuna White says:

What's your name

Taylor Smith says:

A girl and you should name it destiny

Mark Creasey says:

it should be a boy and its name can be fredd

Edward Hopkins says:

you have a boy elf if it was a girl it will have rer lips and can i have a shout out

Julie Bernier says:

do you have a real elf that moves cuz if you dont pleas get one

caralleach8 1234 says:

Girl snowdrop or snowflake

Billy Roberts says:

Boy name could me blizzard girl name blissed

dannyland1212 says:

its a boy u should name him mr sweet or candy cane

alexusjohnson13 says:

It should be a boy and his name could be jolly! Jolly, Jolly the elf on the shelf

Jesse Valenzuela says:

Omg I need this, I love it

Tiny Olivia says:

Girl: Ellie

Boy: Liam

Mayra puente says:

its a boy elf because he does not have red lips

Michael Mcgee says:

If You did not get my notice I got a new video called As The Coffee Pours Part1

Beth Roybal says:

I got the set

Aniyah Reed says:

This is my name a NIYAH at the first beginning I want a elf on the shelf American down pretty please can you mail it I will he won’t want I never got one of my whole entire life well my mom didn’t let me get one but it actually I’m going to ask her when I get out of school by love you mama

Yahia alabidi says:

When I subscribe I need to put a account to subscribe.

Ray Senenfelder says:

It should be a girl

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