My Top 5 Stephen King Novels

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Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and here are my top 5 favorite of his novels.

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Shantanu says:

If you guys want to read classic King ,then just pick Salem's lot ,it's so good ……

saucymauve says:

One of my very favorites is "Misery"!

warrcc c says:

Salem´s Lot, Cujo, The Green Mille, The Dead Zone and Rage.

Chris Bronico says:

Nice video and list. I have not read IT but the rest of these books listed here are in my top 10 as well. My top 5 are

5. The Institute
4. Needful Things
3. Mr.Mercedes
2. Salem’s Lot
1. The Stand

Brosky999 says:

I tried reading IT when I was 13 or 14 and it made me sick. Didn’t pick it up again until my 20s lol. Good picks, good vid. 👍🏽

keith kelley says:

The Stand is epic. Period. Best thing he's ever written in my opinion. The uncut version is well over a thousand pages but it never gets boring. The Long Walk is my favorite book he published under the pen name Richard Bachman.

Christopher Chadwick says:

If you replace Needful Things with The Long Walk, then our Top 5 is the same.


One of his most "recent" ones that I consider one of his best post 2000 is "Revival"

Currently reading "Joyland" I'm catching up with his post 2010 works.

L says:

Great picks

God_Cells says:

The institute was a great book, not the best ending imo tho.

Scombs 654 says:

Pet Sematary was my first Stephen King book. IT was my second.

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