My 'Top 10' Fantasy and Sci-Fi Booktubers [Aug 2014]

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This is a video I have been meaning to make for a while in order to give you all my suggestions for some wonderful Fantasy and Sci-Fi Booktubers. I have made so many wonderful friends through booktube and I love these channels because they inspire me and make me happy so I 100% recommend all of them to you! Please leave me your own recommendations too as I love discovering new booktubers myself! 😀 Happy video-catch-up! 😛

James, Eagle’s Books –
Michael, Bitten By A Radioactive Book –
Elizabeth, Books and Pieces –
Charlotte, Charr Frears –
Ruth, Kindle Reads –
Brock, Let’s Read –
Melissa, Lissaaniela –
Amanda and Sunny, The Marvelous Reading Room –
Chris, The Reading Rhodes –
Fantasy Faction, The Fantasy Faction –

Words of Radiance Liveshow:

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In Print and Out says:

Most of these YouTubers are no longer making content. I’d love to see you make an updated video like this with active booktubers!

Dannie Potter says:

Daniel Greene is absolutely wonderful!

Garlic Bread says:

Funny how I was about to comment asking for this exact video on the next video you released😅. Thank you so much. I'm going to go ahead and subscribe to all the channels you've mentioned.

Diane LoveRhodes-Stevens says:

Would be great to an updated list of SciFi booktubers such as myself, they seem so hard to find

Eric Adler says:

Are you planning another Top Ten Fantasy and Sci-Fi Booktubers video any time soon?

BooksBitsNBobs says:

Any chance you could do an updated one of these?

Jay Dee Archer says:

Glad to find this video! I love fantasy and scifi and I'm happy to find a few booktubers who read it. I'm one, too, but I just started. And I subscribed to you!

A says:

Book escapism, my favorite sci fi book tuber

Hélène Ptitelfe says:

Thank you ! I'm french and I was looking for some fantasy's booktubers 🙂 Nice vidéo !

Jorge de la Vega says:

I'm fairly new at… watching Booktube, but I really really like @Lindsey Rey 's videos, she doesn't just read fantasy but all sorts of things. Also, @Katytastic is into a lot of YA, which of course include a lot of urban fantasy and such. And @PeruseProject makes me laugh every time, she's really fun. I'll check your recommendations out, as well :3 

Drao Medeis says:

Aweeeesome video Kaitlin! 

Lissa Martin-Shaw says:

This was so nice 🙂 thank you so much and I've found a few new channels too 🙂

Let's Read says:

Bitten by a Radioactive Book is one of my new favourite Booktubers. He's so funny and he's always reading the book I'm about to pick up next. He knows the future I tells ya.

It's like all my fave people on one grand list. I love you guys!

Maija Reads says:

This was great! I'm definitely going to check out the new-to-me people.
About recs, I see someone already mentioned Nicole, and you knew about her already, but then there's also Sanaa from InkBonesBooks. She's one of my favorites – she always makes great points, the technical quality is good & she's just fun to listen to!
(Btw, I've had your intro music stuck in my head for two days now…)

TheReading Rhodes says:

Aw thanks a ton for the shoutout, I really appreciate it 😀 I'm really glad to have done the liveshow with you guys, I really hope to do more in the future!

KindleReads says:

Thank you for taking the time to mention by channel, and Now I have some awesome new booktubers to subscribe too.

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