My Stephen King Collection

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Bookshelf tour of every single Stephen king novel.


beto molina says:

Me encantó tu colección. Es genial!

French Smelly Feet says:

Book haul + latino accent = asmr = heaven for me 😉😉😜

electric horseman says:

Peace brother

electric horseman says:

I do the same thing ..I still have books I haven’t read even though I’m still reading other ones and still buying them also

electric horseman says:

Very nice collection…sweet…

Patrick King says:

Dude I’m with you on The Outsider I was sitting there reading it like “hell yeah can’t wait to see how’s he gonna spin this and make the perp one of the other characters” and it was literally just Mister Potato Head

Aditi Singh says:

Are you on Goodreads?

Dan Jones says:

I'm just getting started on collection Stephen King, I only have 5 though, inspired by this video though! I want to collect them all too!

Jude's Book Life! says:

Nice collection 👍

Chris Bronico says:

I have only read about half of Stephen kings books, but these are my favorites.

12. Misery
11. Cujo
10. Desperation
9. Carrie
8. Pet Semetary
7. The Green Mile
6. Joyland
5. The Institute
4. Needful Things
3. Mr. Mercedes
2. Salem’s Lot
1. The Stand – my favorite King and my favorite fiction book in general.

needful king says:

Wow what a beautiful collection man.

Mattt 954 says:

Good choice for number one under the dome is a perfect book I read it in about a month in jail

fiction lover says:

Wait isn't that salims lot first edition like super super super rare🙀

Caitlin B says:

I’m only 20 seconds in and I alread feel like you deserve more attention on “booktube”

Jordan Clark says:

The whole dark tower series is awesome. 2nd book through the 5th is some of the best stuff he’s written

Ell x says:

being a stephen king fan i am very jealous lol. hoping to grow my collection this year.

Ravit Mishra says:

Damn so many first editions

maydelrey says:

awesome collection!!!

Klayton silva says:

I just want them all 😔

Nikki Bray says:

I am envious of all your special editions!

Harry Ewings says:

I've read over 50 Stephen King books and am currently reading (and enjoying) Lisey's Story

Saint says:

I just recently got back into reading and Stephen King is the first author I picked up 6 months ago. Now I have 6 books of his (11/22/63, The Shining, It, Salem’s Lot, Black House, and The Institute). This book shelf is what I want mine to look like in the future 😍

Alexis Satterfield says:

My mom got me 4 Stephen King books for Christmas that I know about. She got them from a lady she knew who was selling her mother’s Stephen King books. The ones she got me for Christmas are; The Shinning, Pet Cemetery, Cujo, Carrie and Misery. The books were bought the year they were published. Some of the books have hand written notes inside or dates marking the year it was bought. Which I thought was cool and gave the books some classic vibes. I already have IT which I’m currently trying to finish. I think she also got me a few more from Amazon that she won’t tell me about.

HorrorChannelReviews says:

Wow, beautiful! I want to read “Salem’s Lot,” “The Dead Zone,” “Cujo,” “Pet Sematary” And much more. I can see you have most of the 1st edition books, pretty good! And I love “Everything’s Eventual” as well, especially the cover! Yeah, “The Man in the Black Suit” was an awesome novel.

Michael Montgomery says:

my favorite stephen king book is rather carrie or the shining- bu now i am working on 'salem's lot and doctor sleep

Jo Sator says:

Wow I hope I have that kind of collection! I Love Stephen King so much and seeing you having those huge collection of his books, oh man you made me jealous!

Joe L says:

Wow you amassed the whole collection in a year? Cool!

Jac Hanspard says:

He grew up with the “coo-coui” LOL yes

Amazing Amiras Books and Hobbies says:

Nice collection:)

Garcia says:

Hope ur reading IT or have read it already. A Great Horror Novel

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