My Stephen King Book Collection || Updated!

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Here’s the most recent update to my Stephen King book collection! I am still missing some books, but it has grown A LOT since my last video in 2017!
Obviously I haven’t read all of these, but subscribe to see regular updates of my King Chronicles video series where I read his works in publication order!
Full disclosure, I filmed this update in October 2018, before Elevation was released, hence why it was not included. It took me a long time to edit it though haha


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Jared Jams says:

Maybe The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon should have been in a novella collection

Jared Jams says:

My first dog was fantastic, my new one, however, I’ll have to keep away from Cujo so he won’t get any ideas!

Jared Jams says:

I’d say that The Shining is very character driven

Harry Ewings says:

Rose Madder does have a very strong theme of domestic abuse and the scenes involving the abuse are very difficult to read but the book on the whole is well worth a read.

mel obrien says:

The TOM GORDON book is godawful filler; I read another King book just before it, and I recognized that this novel was made up of pieces he didn't use in the other book. I have the book here somewhere, but I can't remember the title; there is reference to "berms" in it. Both books are basically quests. DOCTOR SLEEP is terrible. It appears that King's writing abilities have diminished since his best work, such as IT. The SLEEP novel appears to use bits and pieces from other work; the breath stuff appeared in THE GREEN MILE, and the psychic stuff is like THE DEAD ZONE. I enjoy his earlier work, but the later books could do with a bit of editing.

Krista Chambers says:

1st Stephen King book was "Thinner," when I was 12. Favourite by far is The Stand, a close 2nd is the Green Mile…also love, love, love the Regulators

Liam's Library says:

I love your videos. You have definately taught me the best way to discuss books on YouTube. I have learnt a lot for my own channel. Thank You You're a star!!

Vaishnavi S says:

I love Stephen king hardcover books but they are really painful to hold😅

C.B. Smith says:

(Not so) fun fact: King chose to take rage out of circulation because there was a series of hostage and school shootings where his book was found either on their person or in their locker. He felt that even if rage didn’t outright inspire the shooters he felt somewhat responsible for giving the kids an outlet for something they may or may not attempted with the book.

Lucy Armstrong says:

My library won’t sell me stephen king books because I’m 14, so my mum goes in for me and gets brings them back for me (thanks mum!!) So far I’ve read Cujo, It, The Shining, Pet Semetary, Carrie aaaaand The Stand (:<

Mark David says:

Reading my first King now, Joyland. I know, what a strange one to start with but I already owned a copy. I was able to get hardcover versions of Insomnia & Rose Madder for 75 cents each the other day at a random bookstore! Can’t wait to keep collecting

Maza Book Tuber says:

Nice collection!! It’s good to see the constant reader support all over YouTube. Focusing on that point go check out my Stephen King collection on my channel🤟🏽👍🏽

It Is Me says:

40 min whoa!! Do you have any of R.L. Stine’s work?

John Martin says:

Crikey!!,you have some of the most sought after of his hardbacks,the hardback series of ‘the dark tower’,a first render of ‘the shining’?…and one I’ve been after for a while now ‘firestarter’
Iam seriously impressed!!!

Nilu Lal says:

Im listening!!👀 i always heard Kings book is either you like it or you hate it. I use to get nervous picking up his books but than i finally picked up The shining, The Dark tower series n Misery loved it got Intrigued went to other of his boks… Pet samatery and finally IT!! Ooh I love his writing,his a creative genuine!! Cujo scared me cause i watched this movie when i was little AND dear god the fear of dogs lol🐕🐕🐕 but there is so many u mentioned i didnt even knew existed. Thanks picked up few.😊

Destiny Montanez says:

I actually found the shining hardcover book with the original cover at the goodwill for $3 I love it so much

Ryan M says:

I’m actually in the middle of reading pet semetary my opinion Is that it’s better than the movie so far..

Jayden Grasser says:

Love this video ❤

caylanrenee says:

Amazing collection

Scombs 654 says:

I started reading Stephen King in 7th grade too! Pet Sematary was also my first king book as well.

Cameron Schacter says:

Found the version of Bachman Books with all of the Richard Bachman books including Rage a while ago

Empty Program says:

I have read Pet Semetary, The Dark Half, and Carrie. I'm currently reading The Stand and Mr. Mercades. The Dark Half is my absolute favorite so far. Its such a good book and should definitely be read.

Mary Stephenson says:

I LOVE Stephen King and my first book was Carrie because that was literally the only book that was out when I started reading Stephen King. I have most of his books but I'm not as dedicated as you because I only have either the hard cover or paperbook, not both. But I have to say when I saw your bookshelf another thing that totally excited me was that Bentley Little book. I am a HUGE fan of his works and have most of his books. I think he is scary as hell. I find it really odd that it is hard to find his books – as in I can't walk into any book store and buy one off the shelf. I've gotten all of mine from either used book stores or online. But I'm always super excited when I find someone else that has read him!

Pritam Majumder says:

Definitely one of the best collection you have. My favorite is the shining, pet sematary and IT

Dizz Gaming says:

Loved your collection wow

Michael Bowsher says:

I'm 12 I'm reading the shining and the outsider

Microsoft ウィンドウズ 2040 says:

Bookmans is a good place to get stephen king books

Jeremy Bukovitz says:

My first stenph king book was it

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